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mollykatechapma I'm chilly dilly the personality pickle
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what if I just let it eat me?


what if I just let it eat me? tear my flesh from my bone swallow me whole

if I fell down through its throat to the belly would it be full?

am I enough to ease its hunger or would it still try and devour?

my guess is the latter because when the beast rears it’s ugly head it demands with all of its power.

victim after victim, it hides in the shadows invisible to the eye, but wreaking havoc inside

the beast has a name and it rhymes with oppression

stealing breath from my lungs, anxiety bubbles claws so sharp it could slash the most stable to rubble

self-medication over self-meditation

when it’s late at night it comes with a dark fog, whispering that I don’t have long

I have good friends and I have good family but all I hear is the whisperings of loneliness in my ear

oh well. I'll just keep pushing on

PSA- this is a poem about depression and has some dark themes. I wanted to capture the thoughts and feelings depression brings. Even though I suffer from depression I have a good support system. Please don't worry about me. Also please feel free to message me if you ever need someone to talk to

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