We're Not Humans Anymore
We're Not Humans Anymore humans stories

mollycat13 #Self-Lover
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How can we call ourselves humans?

We're Not Humans Anymore

How can we call ourselves free, when we have to run from people that try to harm us?

How can we be called humans, when we just act like animals? Killing people of our species, we are the only species that does that!

How can we hold so much power in the ecosystem, but not use it properly?

How can we go anywhere when you have to worry about someone behind our back, stalking, laughing, gossiping about you?

How can we all be fairly treated by society, when society is misshapen?

How can justice be for all, when there's barely justice for one?

How can we be a family, when all we think about is ourselves?

The answer:

We can't. We aren't humans anymore. We are hurting one-another, fighting, making fun of, each other every day.

We aren't the humans once were here, those people cared more about each other, they didn't hate each other for no good reason. They were humans.

But for us, present-day humans, no we're nothing like that. We're not humans anymore. And we won't be until all of this mayhem stops.

Until we fix the mistakes that WE made. Sure it might be long and hard, but our children and our children's children will thank us.

So to any of you reading is, do something to help the world, it could be as tiny as a drawing on your driveway, or as big as starting a petition. But just do something.

And the world will soon follow.

And maybe, just maybe, we'll become humans again.

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