This is the second period of my story "The Life of a Middle Schooler" every day I will post a new period, you can go to my page to see the first period. I hope you enjoy! Second Period Cody Fredrickson
This is the second period of my story "The Life of a Middle Schooler" every day I will post a new period, you can go to my page to see the first period. I hope you enjoy!

Second Period

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Second period Cody Fredrickson

This is the second period of my story "The Life of a Middle Schooler" every day I will post a new period, you can go to my page to see the first period. I hope you enjoy! Second Period Cody Fredrickson

Ok, let me recap on my life so far.

I got out of my parent's car, went to the gym, ran into this beautiful girl, fell in love with her hair and eyes, had science, told people my dad is dead, then gave a love note to her. Camile.

The name sounds like an angel, a song, my life. I just kept repeating it, although I regretted even giving that note, but it is out now, along with all of the gossip that middle school has.

My next period was 7th-grade History. First of all, history was advanced Social Studies at this middle school, and second of all, I am in 6TH GRADE not seventh.

I am in 7th-grade history! I walked to the middle of the building, where the 7th-grade classes are, and walked into a classroom that had a sheet protector taped to the door that said HISTORY 1.

Whatever that meant. When I got in the classroom, I saw a bunch of seventh graders all bragging about being in history, while I was laughing on the inside.

I was smarter than all of the seventh graders will ever be. I set all of my stuff down onto a desk at the end of the third row out of six.

I looked at the whiteboard, which was more of a dirty white. In black marker, there was the teacher's name. "Mrs. Terri.

" Ok, it doesn't seem too bad, usually, you can judge a teacher by her name.

"Everyone take your seats! Shut your mouths! It is time for class to start!" Mrs. Terri said. She boomed over all of us, and the class immediately shut up.

"We are going to jump right into History because I could care less about your name and life. Please turn to page 5 in your textbook!"

Everyone flipped and a waft of paper filled the room. I put my face close to the book and flipped through the pages, and sniffed the amazing scent of paper.

"What are you doing?" Mrs. Terri asked. She was right by my desk. She snuck up to my desk so silently, it was almost scary.

"I... uh... I am sniffing paper." The words sounded stupid coming out of my mouth.

"Are you on page 5?" She asked.


"Well stop smelling paper, and do as I say! Get to work!" She yelled. Okaaaay? That was weird. I looked down at my textbook. The words are all a blur as I go cross-eyed.

"Ok class..." she trailed off. "LOOK AT ME!" She yelled. All at once, 30 pairs of eyes shot up at her. "You will look at me when I am talking to you!" We all nodded. She started again.

"In this unit, we will learn about Julius Caesar!"

Great. I already know this. That is how I am in the best class. I get the gist of things and then get it easy.

"Ok class! I want you all to read all of chapter one. But not a page or sentence more! Don't get cocky either! You are the dumbest class for history," Mrs. Terri said. Oof.

She just flat out said it. Yet, I was still smart. I sighed. I was in a class of people who were history/social studies geeks.

These were people that spent most of their time working for this title. I just got here because of my Massachusetts Performance Test from last year.

I was so good at getting gists that History 2 for 6th grade and social studies 1 and 2 for seventh grade would have been too easy for me.

So my parents and the principal of this school put me in a higher class than that.

Honestly, I knew that I should have probably felt proud of myself, but sitting in a room with a bunch of seventh graders that thought they are the most amazing thing in the world,

wasn't making me feel any better. I couldn't stand geeks. They basically spend most of their time, heads in books, trying to get the best grade in the class.

It was hard to spend a minute with Trev while he is talking about doing some awesome science experiment that I could care less about. Now I had to have an entire class of geeks.

I was going to die by the end of the year.

"CODY!" Mrs. Terri boomed. "Why aren't you reading!?"

"I already know all about him- Julius Caesar I mean." Mrs. Terri cringed her eyebrows together.

"Tell me how he died then," she said. Easy.

"Ok. He was one of the most important Caesars in all of the kingdom. But he became too powerful.

He started to make weapons, find people that were considered bad, and kill them for his own enjoyment.

People in that place started to get so scared that one day they killed him! The town rejoiced and the world was put at ease." I stopped, looked at her, then at the kids around me.

They were scribbling down this in their notebooks like I was Google to them. Mrs. Terri looked at the kids.

"WHY ARE YOU WRITING THIS DOWN! HE IS NOT YOUR TEXTBOOK! RIP THAT PAGE OUT NOW!" Mrs. Terri yelled. Holy. Crap. Even I was shaken, and I didn't do anything wrong.

I could hear the sound of ripping paper, and the kids silently walking over to the trash can.

Once they all sat down, a kid raised his hand. "What?" Mrs. Terri asked.

"Well, ummmm..." He was shaking. Holy crap a teacher made a kid shake. He looked like he was in quicksand and couldn't get out.

"I won't be here for the rest of the week because of a family vacation, so can I have the work for the rest of the week. Please?"

"WHAT! You came to school but you will only be here for one day!" Mrs. Terri screamed. I started to think about how the heck this lady got married.

"Just until next week," the kid said.

"Oh... you have enough time for a family vacation, but you don't have time for school!"

"Well ma'am, school is year-round basically, so I won't be missing much."

"DID YOU JUST BACKTALK ME! Kids did he just backtalk to me!?" What were we supposed to do? We all nodded.

"Then NO, I will not give you work, you will just have to make it up when you come back!" Mrs. Terri looked at me.

"And you! You write me a page on something you learned on Julius Caesar!"

"What!" I yelled.

"Do you want me to make it two pages?" Mrs. Terri asked.


"Then be quiet." Mrs. Terri was terrible.

"So, are you guys done reading?" Mrs. Terri asked. The kids shook their heads.

"WHAT! I gave you all of this time to work, and you still aren't done! You guys will also write a page on what you learned!" The whole class groaned.

The kid that was going to be gone tomorrow raised his hand.

"What?" Mrs. Terri snorted.

"So can I have my work, or no." I tensed up, waiting for an explosion from Mrs. Terri.

"NO! I said NO! What kind of kids live in this generation? A generation where people don't listen! Get out!" Mrs. Terri yelled.

"Where should I go?" The kid asked.

"I don't care! Anywhere! Wait for you next class outside of your locker! Go to the bathroom for fifteen minutes! I could care less!" The kid packed up and ran out of the classroom.

I wished I could have gotten a "Get out of jail free card" from Mrs. Terri too. Fifteen more horrible minutes. I doubted that she would have let us do our homework after she exploded like that.

I just sat there. The long boring minutes rotting me away. The only sound was the horrible TIK tok TIK tok of the clock that was almost hypnotizing after a while. Mrs.

Terrible just stared at us, devil eyed. You could almost hear the tension in the classroom.

When the bell rang, we all jumped a foot in the air, and quickly got our stuff together, and sprinted out the door.

I started to wonder, did she just abuse us? It is not like she hit us or anything, but teachers are supposed to be role models. Not jailers.

I just hope it was a first day of school thing with her. I really hope.

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