Seventh Period Trevor Allen
Seventh Period Trevor Allen science stories

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Seventh Period Trevor Allen

Seventh Period Trevor Allen

Seventh Period

Trevor Allen

I went by Anthony. We were both heading to gym class. He looked, fazed, well no, just happily unaware. "Bro, what's up!" I said.

"Oh," he said. He looked at me, shook his head, and then looked forward. "Nothing."

"No seriously! You look like you just fell in love! On the first day of school!" I said.

"Is it that noticeable?" He whispered to me. WHAT?

"With who!" I asked. He turned bright pink. "Dude, you walked right into that one. You didn't have to tell me anything," I said.

"Camile," he said shyly.

"Bro! If Cody finds out you are so dead!" I said.

"I know, but here is the thing, I think she likes me!" All of the blood for some reason rushed to my feet, and then up to my head.

"What! Bro! Cody is going to beat the crap out of you!" I laughed.

"Can you not tell him?" Anthony pleaded.

"Bro! That is team pressure! You can't do that! I gotta tell Cody!"

"No, please!" He wailed.

"Ok fine," I said. But fingers were crossed on my left hand. I sped up to Cody.

"What Trev," he asked. "If this is about another science project I don't want to hear it."

"No, no. But, Anthony likes Camile."

"WHAT?" He asked.

"There's more!" I said.

"What?" He asked. His fists already clenched.

"He thinks Camile likes him too!" I whispered.

"That crap!" He said. "He is so dead!"

"Wait! No!" I shouted.

"I already hated the little punk, now he is dead!"

"Stop! He..."

"What?" Cody asked. I had never seen him so destructive.

"He... he didn't want me to tell you!" I said.

"Even more of a reason for me to destroy him!" He said. I felt shrunken. Cody stormed past me.

I walked to the locker room. I waited, in agony. And when Anthony came into the room, Cody didn't do anything. Which made me so confused, and also even more paranoid.

Someone left, and then Cody turned to Anthony. I didn't know the guy, but apparently Cody did.

"Hey, Anthony!" He said. Everyone turned to look at Cody. Anthony stared at him in utter fear and confusion.

"Get away from Camile!" Anthony stared at me, eyes wide in fear, in a way that said, "Why?" It was a look I will never forget, even after I die.

I will just sit in my coffin, seeing that image over and over and over again. Until my brain rots away.

"What?" He asked.

"Do you like Camile?" He asked.

"Well maybe," he said, almost shaking.

"DO YOU LIKE CAMILE?" He asked. Anthony nodded, too scared to speak.

"Does she like you?" He asked. Anthony shrugged. Everyone watched. You could tell Anthony was frozen stiff. Cody was three times bigger than him!

"Is there a possibility?" He asked.

"Y... yeah," Anthony said, barely able to make it out.

"You little punk!" He said. Cody started to walk up to Anthony, his fist in a ball.

Cody was about to pick up Anthony by the collar when I hit Cody's hand and Anthony fell to the ground, just in utter shock. I tripped over my feet and fell on Anthony's legs.

I looked at him, but he just gave me a look that said, "Bro, I'm fine."

"Oh, know you too!!" Cody said, rolling up his sleeves. Anthony, not even changed, quickly got up and sprinted out the door. Cody fixed his eyes on me.

It didn't take rocket science to figure out what to do next. I basically squat- ran to the door. The glasses fell off of my nose and were smashed, but I didn't care. They were annoying anyways.

I guess I will have to put down on my record board, "Don't get into a bro fight when you have glasses: result, broken glasses.

" But honestly, I would rather have broken fake glasses that my mom paid a dollar for, then get into a fight with Cody and have every bone in my body broken, half-dead,

and a medical bill that is $100,000.00.

I caught up to Anthony. "Why Trev," he said. "Why?" I looked down. I was weird being able to look down without glasses falling off of my nose.

"You were the one person I trusted, but now, I don't." He said. Silence. "I mean, I want to, but I just can't, you know." I knew how he felt.

I started to feel that way around Cody a long time ago. There was really no one that wanted to hear my experiments, so when I get the chance, I always take it.

Like this morning in science class. But then that girl started shaming me about it and it felt like Cody all over again. And now, I don't even trust being around Cody.

I nodded. We walked to the gym. When we got there, there was a four-square game going. They made a court out of lines that looked like they were made to be. I got in the line. I saw Camile.

She was king. Anthony almost looked like he was still in fear, but still in love with her. I mean, it could be worse. He could like Abbey.

Everyone from the science class, except Rosalinda and Melissa was in that gym class. Honestly, I don't really care though.

I haven't seen Melissa all day, and I really didn't feel like being by a VSCO girl.

I have found out that a lot of people in this school like to play four- square, and I don't think that anyone really minds that. When Cody was gone some days that is all I played.

And quite honestly, I don't think Rosalinda or Melissa would play four- square anyway.

When Anthony got in, Camile winked at him, and then served it to the second square. Anthony smiled so big, I didn't even recognize him. I smiled too.

Cody wasn't even in the gym yet. Which, I don't think any of the boys minded. "What exactly happened?" Mikeal asked. He was behind me in line.

Now that he was in gym clothes, he didn't look so goth anymore.

"Cody got mad at Anthony for liking Camile," I said.

"Why?" Mikeal asked. Really bro! Get with the program!

"Cody likes Camile. And we think Camile likes Anthony, sooooo."

Mikeal nodded. "So Anthony and Camile like each other?" He asked. "Why don't they just get in a relationship then?"

The boy was really clueless. "Do you know anything about liking someone?" I asked. "You don't usually tell the person you like them unless you are sure they like you back."

"Oh. Well, that is stupid!" He said. I mentally face- palmed myself.

Another person got out and I was in. There was only one other person that was in a square that was not in the science class. Camile looked at the line.

Then at me and Anthony in a way that said, "Go for him." We both nodded. Before Camile could serve the gym teacher yelled,

"You guys can play four- square for the entire time!" The class cheered. We played so many rounds and had so many laughs.

I never did see Cody come. And if he did, I totally missed him. After the gym teacher yelled for class to be over, we all headed to the locker room to change, and I didn't even see Cody there.

On the way to my locker, I saw Camile and Anthony talking and laughing. I smiled.

I didn't care how mad Cody was. As long as they are happy.

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