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Something I've had in me for so long. I hope you all enjoy!

Right Now...

The sun is shining, but I still feel grey. It's a new day, but it still feels like yesterday.

I feel like screaming, yet I'm still quiet. I want to change the world, yet I sit in silence.

I want to show the world "Hey this is me!" But I still sit, as useless as can be.

If only I could find the words to say, to speak. Instead, I watch the world go by like an anti-social freak.

Why can't I help, find the words to say. When everyone around me finds them without delay.

Maybe the words I want to say I fear to say here. Maybe they would make you guys all mad, and you'd hang my head like a deer.

I want to say words, but they might make you mad, But not telling you makes me even more sad.

So I'll tell you, here and now. But once you read it, don't call me a clown.

These words are mine, my opinion, my truth. This applies to everyone from Houston to Duluth.

So here's the word that I want to get out but don't make fun of me like a useless trout.

I hate the world we are growing up in I feel like the next "Great Depression" is about to begin. *I started to get emotional when writing this part I had all of this in for so long :(

And not only that, but this war about people who are black it feels like we're back in time when slavery was where it was at.

It feels like the world has been tipped upside down, and the only thing I can wear anymore is a frown.

I want to go back in time, when a baseball card pack was only a dime.

Or anywhere else in the world Where people's thoughts are not as swirled.

The world right now I don't want my children in. This world right now I want to be squashed in a bin.

A bin that will not be found. A bin that will after all this be pushed in the ground.

And since I can't do any change without your help I need all of you, and I mean ALL of you to help me yelp.

It'll help the world that is in trouble, and let you out of your doubt bubble.

Let's make the world a better place, and let's end this despicable chase.

Because together, we are everything.

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