My Little Twinkle Toes
My Little Twinkle Toes dance stories

mollycat13 #Self-Lover
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Irish dance is beautiful.

My Little Twinkle Toes

She greets us on the stage, so proud of what she has done. 5 whole years of practice have finally paid off.

She tells us about the program. The auditorium is dead silent with complete attention to her.

She heads off the stage and into the wings.

The music starts blaring and dancers flood the stage. Big bright smiles on their face

Their big sparkling dresses blowing the audience away. Wondering "Why does this have to end?"

Their curled hair bouncing with every move, like there are springs attached to their head.

Then we watch in awe, as my little twinkle toes takes the stage.

The song changes and she starts. She does complicated rhythms with her feet, and always lands on her toes after a jump.

The crowd claps and cheers as she dances to the everlasting 8 counts in the song.

It's like their feet are magic, moving so fast, and in such a complex way.

And as she leaves the stage with all the other dancers, I could see that this was going to be one of the best shows I've seen.

by mollycat13

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