My Little Sapling
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You are now a sapling, but soon you will be a tree

My Little Sapling

"Grandma?" "Yes, child?"

"Do you remember when you were young like me?" "No dear, no one does."

"But what if I need to?" "You won't darling, you won't."

"How can you be so sure?" "Because everyone forgets."

"So is this part of my life a waste?" "No, no dear. You are learning in every step you take at this age. You need it right now, but just not in the future."

"Grandma? This doesn't make any sense." "Here hon, come here, I tell you a story that'll clear up your doubts about this."

"Story!" "Now I'll tell you, ok?" "Ok!"

"There once was a little sapling, only about two inches tall, it had just begun life as it poked through the wood chips in a little girl's yard."

"The sapling grew where no tree belonged, poking through woodchips, just to be in the sun."

"In the yard where the tree grew, a girl lived there, and when she saw the tree in the woodchips she knew she had to get it out of there, for it would never survive."

"She carefully, ever so carefully, took the tree out of the ground, making sure she took the roots with it. The girl dug up some dirt from her mom's garden and put it in a pot, she then carefully put the tree in it."

"She had adopted the tree, and she knew she had to take care of it." "Grandma? How does this story apply to me?" "I'm getting there dear. There is more of the story."

"The tree was a maple tree, and she knew one day the tree would grow huge leaves, be home to many animals, and maybe even make maple syrup."

"But for now it was just a sapling, it's trunk wasn't even wood yet, the plant couldn't even hold a beetle. The tree was a sapling, just like you, my dear."

"The tree would do amazing things once it got older, and the girl knew the tree had to thrive to get it that way."

"Grandma, I still don't understand, how can you compare me with a tree? How can you say such things, it doesn't make sense."

"Oh, my little dear you are just like a sapling you see. You have just sprouted into the world, and you have much time to live and thrive, but you aren't doing much in the world right now, you don't know what you are going to do when you are old. You haven't gotten your purpose in the world yet, but like the little tree, soon someday you would."

"Oh, grandma I see what you mean. I am only a sapling, I don't have my place in the world yet but could soon have part of the world relying on me. I have to turn from a sapling to a tree."

"That's right dear, but for now you are my little sapling."

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