First Period: Camile Moore
First Period: Camile Moore life stories

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I looked through the window of the bus. It was partly cloudy, normal for September in Boston. Although I had never actually experienced Boston weather. That's what they say. I had just moved from Minnesota, and by now it would be flurrying there. So this is a major upgrade. I breathed on the window, it fogged up a little.

First Period: Camile Moore

I'm going to do one-period per day. I hope you enjoy! I looked through the window of the bus. It was partly cloudy, normal for September in Boston. Although I had never actually experienced Boston weather. That's what they say.

I had just moved from Minnesota, and by now it would be flurrying there. So this is a major upgrade. I breathed on the window, it fogged up a little.

I turned around, and the girl that sat next to me was ripping pages out of some kid's textbook. Lovely. I was just happy that she hadn't noticed me yet.

I sighed and watched the kid fall into tears as he saw his textbook. It took military levels of self-control not to tell her to knock- it- off, and cause trouble for myself.

We finally got to school. I walked down the halls of the middle school, which was a combination of three schools, so it was HUGE. All of the kids went to the gym. I followed them.

It looked like everyone knew everybody. Or at least, somebody. But I just sat there. In the abyss of friendlessness. I looked down, when all of a sudden, someone ran into my back.

I jolted forward, barely able to keep my balance. I turned around.

"OMG! I AM SO SORRY!" He was tall and looked like he was on the sports team, or at least was going to try out. And I don't know why, or how, but this almost felt like love at first sight.

Maybe I am ingesting some of this middle school life already.

"It's fine," I said. I tucked my blond hair behind my ear and looked straight into his eyes. He looked into mine. "Really, my brother does way worse than that when I get home," I said.

"Are you sure?" He asked.

"Positive, I would be screaming at you if it was a big deal. I'm fine." I smiled at him. He smiled back.

"Okay, good," he said. Just then, the bell rang. Everyone flooded out of the gym, like a tidal wave of people.

Kids all over were flooding into different classrooms, and I was just trying to find a classroom that looked right. I saw the boy again. He walked up to me.

"You need help?" He asked.

"Yeah! Where is room 115? With Ms. Cryczak," I asked.

"Oh! That is the class I have now! I will show you there." We started to walk.

"Don't take this the wrong way, but don't you remember when we toured the school? At the end of 5th grade? Or did your middle school not do that," he asked.

"No, I am new here, I just came from Minnesota," I explained. "My dad got a new job at John Deere. So I might move in like 5 years," I said.

"Just enough time for me to get used to the new house, then, we have to move again." I sighed, just as we got to room 115. There were only 9 desks, in an array of 3x3.

There were only two seats left, for me and the boy. We walked over to the only empty seats next to each other.

I was in the middle seat in the middle row, and the seats were already right in the middle of the classroom. The teacher smiled. But it was one of those fake teacher smiles that said,

"I can't wait for this day to be over, but if I have to stay here, I will look as happy as possible."

"Hello, class! My name is Ms. Cryczak, but you can call me Ms. C.

I will be your science teacher in the mornings, except on Fridays, because that day you won't have science!" Everyone stared at her blankly. She frowned like she expected us to laugh at that.

"Let's go around and tell the class a little bit about us," Ms. C said. "I will start. My name is Ms. C, and I am the third teacher out of all of the science teachers for 6th grade."

"Are we the smartest science class? Out of all of them?" A kid asked. I raised my eyebrows and smiled.

"Ummm... you guys are the second class for science," she said.

"Which way? Like smart or dumb?" He asked. I curled my lips over my teeth and pressed them together so I didn't laugh.

"The smart way," she said. The boy smiled, satisfied.

"So, back to introducing each other," she said. "I will let you go first," she said, motioning her hand to a kid in the farthest left seat in the first row. He looked up.

"Tell us your name and something special about you."

"Ummmmmm..." he looked pained. He had a black sweatshirt, black jeans, and what looked like dyed black hair. He had no personality whatsoever. "My name is Mikeal, and...

I am different because my name is spelled M-I-K-E-A-L." He looked down at a black piece of paper. Dude was so goth.

"Ok, nice to meet you, Mikeal," Ms. C said. She looked at the girl sitting next to him. "Would you tell me your name?" She asked.

She had two blue scrunchies in her hair that made pigtail buns, and she had to have at least three more scrunchies on each wrist.

She had a red CocaCola shirt on and had three Hydro flasks around her desk that were covered in stickers, each one also blue. She looked like the biggest VSCO girl alive.

She looked at Mikeal, her face in a disgusted look. Like it was his problem that we were doing this instead of science. "Well, um... my name is Rosalinda, which means 'Pink Beauty' in Spanish.

Something special about me is that I have a Spanish name, but I am not Spanish at all." She cringed her face together like she and Spanish people had the worst encounter ever.

Like she was personally offended by them.

"Thanks, Rosalinda. You can go next," Ms. C said, pointing to the girl next to Rosalinda.

She was wearing a dark red shirt and black pants. She was taking apart a red pen and was putting it onto something. Clearly unaware of everything that was happening.

She stopped and looked up at the teacher blankly, probably wondering why everyone had stopped talking and was staring at her. "WHAT?" She asked. Everyone jumped a little.

"Would you like to share something about you?" Ms. C asked.

"Of course! Just ask me next time please." We all stared at her, confused.

"Okay," she said. "My name is Alice, and I like making fake blood." We stared at her.

Mostly wondering what the heck this girl's personality is, and who is going to break this horrible awkward silence.

"Out of what?" I asked, wishing right after, that I hadn't.

"Slime. Clear slime and red ink from pens. Well, sometimes I use black and blue ink. It depends on how real I want it to look. This one though, I want to look super real."

"Cool," I said.

"It really is! I should teach you sometime. It would be epic." I nodded and looked away.

The last thing I need is for my reputation to be the sidekick of the girl who makes fake blood all the time out of the slime.

"Thanks, Alice!" Ms. C said. "Next!" She said, looking at the boy who was on the right of me.

He had HUGE glasses on that made him look like a total nerd, and was hovering over some kind of science whiz book. He looked up.

"Oh." He placed a bookmark neatly into the book and closed it as he would never see it again. Then patted it. "My name is Trevor, well Trev for short, and I really like science.

But on the side I do sports." His glasses fell off his nose. "Oh! These aren't real glasses either! I am doing a science experiment on how people with glasses feel.

Of course, I will never, fingers crossed, know what it is like to be able to change your vision whenever I want to, but I want to know as much as I can, and when I get home I will-"

"NO!" A girl behind me yelled. She had pink rimmed glasses.

"You will never be able to find out how people with glasses truly feel! If you want to know how we feel, I will punch you in the eyes! That will explain our story!

" She devil glared at him, but I could see a little indent right above her eyelid. Was she in a fight? I don't know. But it was still apparent that I was still the new kid.

"Thank you, Trevor," Ms. C said. "And ma'am,"

"Abbey," she said.

"Abbey, please don't interrupt in this class, even if you feel super strong about something."

Abbey huffed. Ms. C looked at me. "Could you go next?" She asked.

"Ok, well, my name is Camile, and I have just moved here from Minnesota." That was it, short and sweet. Everyone stared at me like I was going to say something.

"Ok! Thanks, Camile!" Ms. C said. "Next!" It was the boy. He adjusted his seat.

"My name is Cody, and I really like doing sports. I mean, my dad was a football player at his college, and he was really good, but he never went to the pros, instead...

before he could ever get into the pros, he was in college when he was 36, so I was alive. He was going to go into the pros, but." His voice cracked. "He... He died." He stared at his desk.

"Oh, I am sorry," Ms. C said. "Are you going to be ok?"

"Yeah. I will be fine," he said. His hands were shaking, and his face was all red.

"Ok. Who's next?" She asked. Ok, that was not the sorrow of a teacher that I expected.

"Me," a girl sighed. "My name is Melissa and I like birds." She was drawing a very intricate bird on her arm. Her hair was over her face, and she didn't even look up when she introduced herself.

She looked like she was hiding something. But only heaven knew what.

"Ok, who- "

"Me, we don't need an introduction." This was Abbey. "I am Abbey and I hate when people offend me, and science." Yeesh.

I kind of feel bad for Trev because now he is going to be forever hated by Abbey because he "offended" her.

"Thank you Abbey, but please next time just wait for everyone to finish talking, then it is your turn to talk," Ms. C said. "Ok! Who is last!"

"Me!" It was the kid that asked about the smartness of the classes. "My name is Anthony. I really love to ride my bike!" He said.

But after he said it, he immediately looked down at his desk and sighed. Interesting.

"Ok class! Now that we know a little bit about each other- "


"Great... Ok, class! I will see you all tomorrow!" We all headed out the door. I studied the hallways, but something kept me planted there. The kids in that class.

Do we really know each other? Did we really introduce each other? I couldn't tell. There was something different here, at Boston Junior High, but one thing is for sure, we all aren't aware of it.

I saw a piece of paper fly onto my folder. For you Camile. Ok. I opened it and read it. I couldn't believe what it said.

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