Fifth Period Anthony Erik
Fifth Period Anthony Erik lunch stories

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Fifth Period Lunch/Recess Anthony Erik

Fifth Period Anthony Erik

Fifth Period Lunch/Recess

Anthony Erik

I sat there, alone at a table. The lunchroom was a lonely loud. The tables all around me were already loaded with people.

Don't get me wrong, I don't judge people, but you could tell the entire personality of these clowns by the table they sat at. There were five tables,

The girly girls

The jocks

The nerds

The outsiders


I was my own table because no one really sat by me. I was none of the tables.

I am NOT a girl, I don't like playing on sports teams, even though my teammates are convinced that I am the best, I am not a nerd, and I am not an outsider.

I fit in so perfectly, that I almost don't. So, I usually sit alone, pondering life's greatest questions, and hoping to find a reasonable answer, and then become famous for it.

I looked around when all of a sudden I felt a tray set next to mine. I turned around. It was Camile.

I looked at her awkwardly, but she just looked at me and shrugged in a motion that said "What?"

"Hi," I said. Still trying to figure out why she is sitting here and not by Cody.

"Hi," she said back. And stabbed three greasy cooked carrots, and shoved them into her mouth. I watched her very closely. She looked at me mid-chew.

"What?" She asked.

"Nothing. Just, why are you sitting here? I mean, like why not by Cody?" I asked. She shrugged. Then swallowed.

"I didn't feel like I would have as much fun," she said.

"But you barely know me!" I exclaimed.

"So? I barely know Cody too. And I am not much into the latest sports news either. Plus, I am still trying to figure out that love note.

I mean, how should I react?" She sounded more normal now, calm, sarcastic, funny.

"Ummmmm..." I wasn't a counselor, but I could tell she was asking me for serious advice. "Honestly, I don't know. I am not a couples counselor." Wow. That was great serious advice.

"I know, I know, it just bothers me. Just because he ran into me, doesn't mean he has to love me. I don't get it." She said, stabbing the heck out of a fake-looking unbreaded chicken.

"And how come this chicken won't cut!" She said.

"Use the other side of the fork," I suggested. The fork went straight through and cut the chicken with ease.

She looked at me, mystified. "How did you figure that out?"

I shrugged. "I have learned to improvise a lot," I said. She cocked her head, chewing the chicken, which now that it was cut open, didn't seem so bad.

"When you said you like to ride your bike in science, what did that mean?" She asked. I shoved a peanut butter covered pretzel into my mouth. Something my mom packed me.

I sucked on it hoping that she would forget the question, but by the time I swallowed, she was still looking at me, and the chicken was gone. "I have to ride my bike to school.

" She looked at me puzzled like she was trying to figure out why that is a bad thing. I added on. "My mom and dad are divorced. But they still live in the same house.

They are still legally married. Just, they don't do things that husband and wife do." I sighed.

"Can your parents drive?" She asked.

"They can legally, but my dad works, and my mom has severe anxieties about driving alone. Like being the driver," I said.

"Sometimes a nanny drives us to school, but she usually just comes to do chores."

"Was your mom in a crash?" Camile asked. Silence. "Did anyone die?" She whispered. It felt like there were ten peanut butter covered pretzel balls lodged in the throat.

"Yeah, my older brother died. Instantly. No pain, he felt nothing. He just... died." I looked at her.

"Oh, well, I am sorry," she said. I nodded. I rolled a pretzel bite into my mouth and chewed it slowly. I had lost my appetite. We were both silents.

You could tell there were ten peanut butter balls stuck in her throat too.

"My mom had my little brother after that. Just in case one of her kids dies. Then, she still has one," I said. "But I just want the past back.

I want the Christmases, I want to drive to school in a nice warm car, listening to the playlist that we listened to every day and sing off-key, and... I want my brother back!" I sniffled.

Just wanting a hug, more heat, something to soothe me. I wanted to go home, and not to my house right now, my past home. My real life, my real home. We ate silently.

I pulled out my sandwich and saw the mayo squirting out of it. It made my mouth water.

I don't know, but cheese, lettuce, carrots, and diced peppers, with a little bit of cream cheese on the bread just tasted so good.

I know this probably sounds gross, but you can never be too wrong with cream cheese, it is the best cheese there is, and it makes anything taste good, even mayo.

Although mayo doesn't taste that bad, just after a while, it tastes kind of rotten. I opened the bag, and before I could even take the sandwich out, two warm arms wrapped around me.

I smiled, even though it should have felt weird. When she let go, she looked at me.

"Sorry," she said, but looked straight into my eyes.

"Don't be, I needed that," I said, smiling. She smiled too. We ate the rest of the lunch, happy. Like none of the stuff before had happened.

"What do you do during recess?" Camile asked.

"Oh, I play four- square!" I said.

"Really! I hoped that there would be a four-square court at this school! That is all I played in Minnesota!" She exclaimed.

We started to talk about Camlie's old school, and how her friends cried when she left, and how her friends didn't want their last game of four- square together to end. And we laughed.

We told all of our funny stories, sad stories, scary stories, happy stories, or at least that is what it felt like. By the end of lunch, we couldn't stop laughing. It was great.

I mean, boys are great and all, but the only thing they talk about is sports, it just doesn't appeal to me.

I like sports, but I hate when people fight over the best player, and that is literally every lunch. This lunch though didn't have any sports, except four- square.

But this lunch was all stories. It felt like my horrible life didn't matter anymore. Like I was Victorious. We headed out to recess, and when we got out there, it was so windy.

Camile's hair went right in front of her face, and her hood flew off of her head. I looked at the sky, it was cloudy. I shivered.

"How are we going to play four- square in this wind!" Camile yelled.

She kicked the kickball across the schoolyard, and it bounced off of a bench and flew back to her, it only bounced twice before it landed at her feet again.

She looked at me with a face that said "Seriously?" I laughed. It was hard not to. Even she laughed three seconds after me. We went to a court and started to play two- square.

After a while, some people joined, and we played actual four- square.

I was king once, but that was during two- square, so I mean, it is not like I can brag about it.

Camile though, she was king three times! And for more than five rounds! Even in the wind! And when she was king, it always seemed to get sunny. Like she was a ray of sunshine. Crap.

It was Cody's job to love her! Not mine! If Cody figures this out, he will literally kill me!

The bell for recess to end rang, and we all lined up. Camile walked up to me. "Do you want to just email each other during writing? So we can talk.

The teachers can't see what we are doing," she said. I nodded. It was at that moment that I realized, I didn't like Camile, she liked me!

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