America My Home: Prologue
America My Home: Prologue  orphan stories
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I will post part 1 shortly. I worked my brain off doing this.

America My Home: Prologue

You thought getting out of bed was hard. Try moving place to place just so you can have someone take care of you. I have to go from state to state on scary plane rides with the same lady with a dark afro and pasty white skin. And just like me, she’s sick of it.

No place that I’ve ever been to screamed home. Nor have I ever been back to where I belong. A sunny home just off the coast of North Carolina.

Where I went to the beach every day in the summer and dried off by playing on the park next to the beach and going down my favorite slide 1 million times that I called “Jumbo.” The slide looked like Mrs. Jumbo from “Dumbo” except it had a baseball cap on so it was a boy.

I’ve been all over the United States. I’ve been from an evergreen forest in Minnesota all the way to a tiny cottage on of the Rocky Mountains. I’ve smelled every scent that each state brought. I’ve lived in every climate imaginable.

And no place has been worth it to be good enough to stay. People never keep me because I’m “too much work” and, I don’t blame them. I am the most horrible kid ever so they have to get rid of me. Then, I hope for a more homey home.

But, I guess I’ve gone too far because now I’m going to London. Taking an 18-hour flight across the Atlantic just so I can have someone take care of me. When I was little I hated the orphanage and I destroyed it.

So now people bid off of me a winner takes the $1,000 prize and me. I didn’t even know the bid went out that far. But I guess they do, and now home is even further away. And so is my joy.

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