America My Home: Chapter 4
America My Home: Chapter 4 plane stories

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I usually post two part, but today only one :( You are gonna hate me, there's a cliffhanger >:)

America My Home: Chapter 4

The plane is taking off. I feel so light and airy. Half of it is because I am on a plane, and there is less gravity, but… We did it!!! Everything is going smoothly, all we need to do now was make a living.

While the flight attendants are going through the emergency instructions, I am trying to fit all of the bags in the small compartment between Chelsea and my legs.

I am sitting by the window. I see that we were about to go through a cloud. I sigh of relief flows through me. “We did it,” I think. “We really did it.”

About seven hours into the flight, Chelsea and I are about to finish our fifth movie when all of the sudden… BANG, CRASH, whirrrrrrrrr.

“What was that?!” I yell. “Everyone get out of the plane, please remain calm!” The flight attendant yells. Everyone floods out of there seats and gets into a single file line. Since Chelsea was sitting closer to the aisle, she got out first, and I lose sign of her. The plane lowers majorly below the cloud level.

I take a quick glance outside. We are right above the Atlantic. When it is my turn to jump, I jump out and put my parachute up right away, as they said. I look for Chelsea. Once the last person is out, the plane starts spinning and falling into the ocean. Heading right for Chelsea.

“CHELSEA!” I scream. “LOOK OUT!” But she doesn’t hear me, the plane is too loud. I deactivate the parachute and start to fall. I close my eyes, and put my arm out, hoping to grab Chelsea.

I fall for a while, and when it seems too long, I open my eyes. I look up. “CHELSEA!!!!!!!”I yell one more time before I hit the ocean.

The parachute works as a life jacket and floats me back to the top. “CHELSEA!” I yell. No sign of her, or her parachute. “chelsea…” I start to cry. A woman with dirty blonde hair floats up to me.

“Are you okay?” The woman asks, she does not sound British at all. “Yeah, but… I…” I stammer between tears. “I… Chelsea…” “Do you know where your parents are?” The woman asks.

“No,” This sort of was true, my house burned down in a fire and my parents had disappeared. They weren’t even found in the wreckage. The firefighters say that they disintegrated, but I find that unlikely. “But Chelsea, the money, my stuff, North Carolina.” I start to cry again.

“Who’s Chelsea?” The woman asks. “She’s my… mom… no… butler… no… good friend,” I stammer. All of a sudden, a cruise boat appears.

We start splashing around in the water like maniacs. The boat slows to a stop and the lifeguards kick a latter down. “Climb aboard, Mates!” He says. We all take a sigh of relief and swim toward the latter.

People crowd around to see what is going on. When I get on I see the woman reunited with her family. I turn around and see a girl next to me, she is probably a year younger than me.

“Hi,” she says. I wave. “Oh, that is where you were Milly,” says a girl, which I guess is her mom.

“Never run off like that again,” says her father. Then her father looks at me. I am soaking wet, and my spirit had been crushed like a popped balloon. “What is your name,” he says.

“Alexis,” I say. “I’m Milly!” The little girl says. “Um… Do you know where your mom and dad are Alexis?” Milly’s mom asks. I shake my head.

“Are they still alive?” She asks. I shake my head again. Milly’s parents share a glance. “Would you like to be part of our family?” Milly’s father asks. I couldn’t believe what I just heard.

Being part of a family that has a kid that is not thirty years old. Someone who knows how to take care of a kid my age. “YES!” I yell, and through my wet body into their arms.

“You can explore the boat, while we and Milly go swim,” Milly’s mom says. “Okay!” I say. I start to walk around, I look over the edge, and suddenly, I feel like crying again. My reflection reminds me of someone.

That is when it hits me. Chelsea is my mom! When I was little, Chelsea and my dad never liked when kids called them by their real name, so they never told me their real names. That’s why I never knew.

But why didn’t she know me? Should she know her own kid’s name? No, she wouldn’t, it has been so long, and there are many Alexis’ in the world, that it would be impossible to tell if it was me.

Chelsea, my mom. I felt like throwing up.

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