After School Camile Moore
After School Camile Moore siblings stories
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After School Camile Moore

After School Camile Moore

After School

Camile Moore

I got on the bus. Lindsey, my little sister was calling my name. I was hoping to be able to sit by ANYONE else. But no. So I sat down by her.

Lindsey was sitting by the window, which was to her "cool" which was totally fine with me, then I could talk to whoever was in the seat across from me.

My older brothers David and Jack were sitting in the back doing what older boys do. I don't ride the bus with Lindsey or Jack in the morning because David and I go to middle school.

Lindsey goes to the elementary and takes the transfer bus here along with Jack who goes to high school.

"Camile! Camile! Camile! Camile!" Lindsey said tapping my shoulder.

"What!" I asked. She looked like she was going to tell me the most amazing secret ever.

"Mom is going to have the baby soon!" She said. I went ice cold. I didn't want the baby to come. It's a long story.

"Who told you this?" I asked her. She pointed behind her.

"David," she said. I ran to the back of the bus by my brothers.

"David!" I yelled. "How do you know that mom is having the baby soon!"

"Jack," he said, pointing to the seat across from him. Jack was sitting next to a girl that was chewing gum, and smelt of grape jelly. She was listening to music.

"Jack?" I said. The girl looked at me. I was somehow intimidated by her. The bus hit a big bump and I fell onto Jack and my head smashed into the girl's phone.

Her earbuds were ripped out of her ears. She pushed me off, and I fell off of the seat and onto the ground under the seat in front of them.

Jack reached his hand out and tried to grab my arm, I reached out and Jack pulled me up. I handed the girl her phone. She rolled her eyes like I was the most idiotic person on the planet.

She snatched it out of my hand.

"What are you doing?" Jack asked.

"Mom is having the baby!" I asked.

"Soon!" He said.

"But... what... why?" I asked. He shrugged. Before he could answer, Lindsey called my name.

"I will talk to you after school," Jack said. I staggered up the aisle. Lindsey was a blur when I saw her. I was so confused. I understood that the baby would come eventually, but not now.

Any time but now. My family lives in a two-story, three-bedroom condo, and we have six people in our family. The parents have a room, boys have a room, and the girls have a room.

It was always like this. And now that the baby is going to be here soon, I don't even know if there will be enough space in any room.

And I'm pretty sure there is no such thing as a triple bunk bed.

Plus, Lindsey stopped waking up in her sleep and crying only two years ago! Quite honestly, these two years have been the best of my life! Now, this dumb baby has to come to ruin it!

Here's the thing, I wanted Lindsey to come, I wanted to not be the youngest, I wanted to have a sister. But, that satisfaction is gone. Honestly, I would rather do without Lindsey now.

She is just annoying.

"Camile!" Lindsey shouted. "Why are you ignoring me?"

"Sorry, just thinking about school," I said.

"Oh. Are you excited about the baby?" She asked.

"I am indifferent," I said. Super indifferent. "Lindsey? I got to study for a test, so can you talk to someone else? Please?" I asked.

"Ok, let me out! I will go talk to David!" She said. I let her out. I got out my phone and started to text my mom.

Cam Cam: Mom! When exactly is the baby coming?????

Mether: Soon, a day or two!

Cam Cam: What?! R we going 2 move?????

Mether: Oh gosh no! We'll make space!

Cam Cam: How! It is a 3 bedroom condo!

Mether: Well, worst casinario, she would be in your room.

Cam Cam: SHE!

Mether: Yes hon, we are thinking it is going to be a girl.

Cam Cam: So that is the WORST casinario! What is the best?

Mether: Hon, please. We will figure it out.

Cam Cam: But... please. Tell me.

Mether: Cam, except the fact that I don't know. You will be getting off the bus soon.

Cam Cam: You know I hate it when U call me Cam.

Mether: Just get ready to get off of the bus. Plus you have that as your screen name.

Cam Cam: How do U know my screen name?

Mether: Don't worry about it. We'll talk after you get home.


Mether: We will talk when you get home.

Cam Cam: Wait! I have more questions!

Mether: Bye Camile!

Cam Cam: Wait!

Mether has left the chat.

Great. I shut off my phone. I sat there alone. The bus jostled me around like a noodle. I was almost home. Almost to the worst part of my life.

I bet people think I live on millionaires lane or something like that. But honestly, my house is one of the tiniest on the block.

That's why my dad started to work at John Deer, so we could live in a bigger house eventually. I never see him.

It is almost like my parents are divorced, and my dad lives in the neighboring city.

The bus entered our neighborhood. My siblings and I headed down the aisle of the bus, swaying back and forth as the bus tried to drive on the desperately needed to be paved roads.

When the bus stopped at our house, I nearly ran into Jack again. We got off the bus and David went and got the mail. I opened the door to our house.

The chipped white paint on the cheap dented metal door and the rusted brass doorknob just screamed home. Not. The hinge squeaked as I opened it. My mom rushed to the door and screamed,

"Hello, children! I have a big surprise for you!"

"Great," I thought. We all dropped our bags at the entryway and headed downstairs with mom.

"Moooooom... where are we going?" I asked.

"To the baby's room!" She exclaimed.

"This is the way to your room," I said. But as soon as I got off the stairs, I saw a huge pull-out couch in the middle of the room.

"Mooooooom?" I asked.

"You'll see!" She said. We walked down the hall to my parent's bedroom. When we walked in there, it was all decorated for the baby. "This will be the baby's bedroom!"

"What!?" I asked. "This is your bedroom though!"

"Well, I went online, and I searched up "proper care for a baby" and it said that the baby has to sleep alone," she said.

"But we didn't do this for Lindsey," Jack reasoned.

"Maybe that is why she is so messed up!" I mumbled.

"Well..." David started.

"Who cares what a dumb website says anyway?" Jack asked.

"It is rude to interrupt, and the website was Children's Hospital!" Mom said. Jack looked at the ground. I started to think that Jack wasn't really on board with all of this either.

"I'm going to go upstairs," I said. Jack followed me. He and I got along the best. We had the same sense of humor, the same likes, and the same opinions on everything it seems like.

When we got up there, I went to the kitchen and shoved my hand in a container that was filled with chocolate chips. "What are you doing?" Jack asked while laughing.

"Stress eating!" I said. My face was full of chocolate chips. Jack laughed.

"You're not happy either," he said.

I shook my head and swallowed.


"The thing is, I wanted Lindsey to come. You know. I wanted to not be the youngest, I wanted to be a middle child. But that decision was wrong." Jack laughed.

"Now I will be the middle child. Right in the middle. Two older and two younger. I don't even care about the gender now."

Jack nodded. "I mean, you're the only one that understands me, but, what's going to happen when you go to college?" I asked. Silence. "My least favorite thing is already this house.

And I don't want to be one of those kids where their family doesn't get them." I shoved more chocolate chips into my mouth. "I want to go home," I said, and swallowed.

My eyes teared up, but I was convinced not to cry.


"And you are probably going to go back to Minnesota..."

"Camile..." Silence. "When I go though, you won't be the middle child," Jack said.

"But... I'll miss you," Voice crack.

"And I won't?" Jack said.

"Everything will be worse though," I said.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"Well David will have his own room, and he has severe anxieties. I will still have to share a room with Lindsey.

The baby will still have a room, and mom and dad will still have to sleep on the pull- out couch. Nothing will be better." I said with tears forming. Everything turned into a blur.

The only thing I could see clearly was Jack's bright red sweatshirt. Jack hugged me, and my head smashed into his chest. My tears leaked onto the cotton. I swallowed.

I could hear the rest of the family parading up the stairs. Jack nudged my face off of him, even though I wanted to hide my face. When mom saw me, she frowned.

"Jack! What did you do to her?" Mom asked.

"Huh?" Jack and I said.

"Camile! Are you hurt?" She asked. Her eyes were wide.

"No, I... I just miss home," I lied, even though that was partly true. Jack stepped in front of me.

"Camile's crying..."

"Because of you, I knew it!" Mom yelled.

"Why is Jack so guilty all of the sudden? I'm crying because I don't want the baby to come but you guys are too busy praising it that you don't even care about us!" I screamed.

Mom looked shocked. "What about the kids you have now! That you've had longer! Just 'cause we don't want it to come, we are all of a sudden looking so guilty!" I said between tears.

Everyone in front of me looked torn. "You guys are so happy to get it that you don't even notice us! You don't even care!" I stood there crying. My hands, cold and clammy.

While everyone stood in shock.

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