And Then the Murders Began

And Then the Murders Began existentialism stories

mollielublinski One cell in the sea.
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How can any human being possibly say what reality is? You're a blood-fed organ sitting in an enclosed bone structure that thinks it knows what's going on because of elecftricity sent to it cause something touched our sensory receptors.

And Then the Murders Began

...sublimely unconcerned with the everyday physical world.

But that was just her excuse, for living with her head so far in the clouds, that she seldom noticed the ground.

She knew her world was nothing but a mental image created for her by stimuli interacting with her senses.

And for a reason she can't explain, she always felt, even ever since she was a child, that she would eventually kill someone someday.

Just a feeling she'd always had.

She remembers waking up in a cold sweat, the bedside clock that seemed always to read 3:36 am in intimidatingly bold block numbers, radiating with some kind of purposeful intimidation.

Her mother was wide awake next to her, eyes open big, jaw slightly ajar, engrossed in the T.V.'s bright light, and quiet, staticy narration in a mans deep voice.

Women skinned alive, dismembered, and dissolved in acid to name a few.

'How will I hide the body that I'll have on my hands someday?' Her mind eventually asked her.

She remembers waking from sleep on those nights, or having been drifting in and out of consciousness when it was playing on the T.V.

She had vivid dreams in which she kills the people she doesn't like.

She feels dirty and guilty when she wakes, but you can't help what you dream. Her mind must just have been trying to release the anger she kept in all day.

The dreams became more and more intense and realistic, and sometimes she seemed to be self aware.

As the dreams progress, she starts to be able to decide on how to handle the situation with more poise and control.

With a level Head, she chose the best, most practical mode for disposing of the bodies

The girl grew older. She matures, and becomes more aware of the world around her.

Once she discovered lucid dreaming, she takes deliberate steps in making sure that she's more conscious in her dreams, so that her conscious mind can enjoy to the full extent the reality that her subconscious creates for her to experience as it's being created; the part of her mind that's best conneced with her deepest, most primal desires.

When she's more aware in these dreams, it makes the "murder dreams" more vivid, detailed, and the murders became more clearly thought out in a consice fashion.

The police started appearing and pursuing her in the dreams as the girl became a teenager.

'I don't mind. Practice.' The deepest part of her subconscious comments.

She found better and better ways of avoiding the law, and evading its techniques.

She began to find it therapeutic, the different ways to break down the human body.

Sometimes in a way that plays into her plan of evading any potential investigation, but as she matures, newer ways that disregarded any thoughts of repercussion of the law.

It was a dream after all.

More than a couple of times she found herself in the midst of an investigation, or eventually sitting across from a judge’s solemn face.

The first few times she cried, sometimes stayed silent,

later on, laughed and acted how she pleased knowing the lifetime prison sentence being given to her would last however long it took her body to naturally wake itself.

She tried vigilantly to keep meditation in her daily routine, because becoming more sound of mind helps not only your everyday self aware conscious to feel intra-connected with most unity and peace,

but to bring about order the the subconscious mind as well.

To keep her brain sharp in every way possible is a good habit to keep up, but comes in even more handy when infatuating oneself in the mysterious and magical side of life that dreaming brings.

As she becomes older though, the lines between what was real or simulated became thinner, and the days and night seemed to blur together.

“First murders seen in years by the sleepy town of Spencer, Ohio.” says the urgent cover of a magazine in the therapist’s waiting room.

“Defendant laughs hysterically in courtroom, insults Judge’s appearance, and as she was removed forcibly from the courtroom, she continued to laugh and skipping about, seeming to be unconcerned.

She quite freely and happily announces that ‘it’s okay, I’m not really this person. I’m a good person in real life, I swear.

You’ll see soon, my mind will wake me up in what will feel like a few moments.’

“She treated all her victims differently. It was at first difficult to place our finger on the fact that we had a cereal assailant on our hands, because of such drastically different M.O.’s.

The connection? First, there was virtually no evidence left behind. Very organized and professional as if the murderer was very experienced, even though M.O.’s varied.

We now have a more clear picture, because of the confession that Lattimore happily shared with detectives that she believed to be figments of her own imagination.

She flayed some bodies to cut in a julienne style the flesh she found desirable. She broiled and ingested several victims.

She confessed to having a physical dependency on the retrieval, preparation, and consuming of human flesh, but she identified this only as a secondary reason for the murders. The first being bottled up rage.

Some she dismembered with a hacksaw and dissolved in vats of hydrofluoric acid, while others burned of chemical fires alive, or just simply were bludgeoned to death so horribly that one can’t immediately see that it used to be a human.

Like her very last victim. Her fiance of a year and a half.

All the victims had been known as people that Lattimore disagreed with or just hated openly, or at times, people she loved, because her subconscious mind takes out its anger on the person in what she perceives as a false reality.

The second connection to the guilty: multiple methods of tourture were used simply for, as she puts it, the ability to do it.

She was found finally, after the 21 known murders that she mentioned before being found hanging in her cell by a jacket-fashioned noose days later.

She was found, in her final moments of freedom by police, hunched over a brutally beaten body, having already bled out what seemed to be four of five pints of blood pooling and engulfing them both, and she sat in the middle.

The body as confessed and proven with dental records, were the remains of the man she was to marry in the spring after this fateful winter.

She was known by all to have loved him intensely, but being strong willed people, could have pretty substantial disagreements.

When she was found like this, investigators say that the on duty police recall her sitting quietly, stroking his hair while puffing on a cigarette, mumbling:

“Its okay love, I forgive you now. You didn’t know. Don’t worry,

“I’ll be up in what will feel like a few moments to see your sleeping face next to me, radiating sunshine as always. Then we'll begin our day."

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