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Why do we need other people to love us so we are able to love ourselves?

I felt loved and needed,

like I was the one thing keeping him sane.

The one person keeping him grounded.

He made me feel like he couldn't live without me.

He wanted to be with me forever.

He needed me.

But he lied

He didn't need me.

He said he did,

and I believed him

because I needed him to need me

so I could feel loved

so I could feel like I have a purpose.

Now I don't love myself

because he doesn't love me.

Now I'm co-dependent

and damaged goods.

Why aren't we taught to love ourselves?

Because at the end of the day

ourselves are the only people we know.

I am the only person who can truly love myself.

But it takes a lot of work.

Its sad that we depend on people to make us feel like we have a purpose,

a reason to be alive

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