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moka85Community member
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Today, I wrote my first poem and it was because I was having a hard time.

tell me

kindness only lasts for so long

nothing has changed

if words really helped

would i still be here

tell me

why did you have to do that

did you really understand how i felt

couldn't you have pretended nothing happened

it hurts like hell

when someone i thought understood me

betrays me

tell me

do you feel better now

knowing that you contributed

what about me

how am i supposed to feel

did you hate me that much

or was that out of love

tell me

what are you really thinking

tell me

every time we see each other

we pretend not to

we pretend that theres nothing wrong

we pretend were fine

tell me

what was i supposed to do

why did you do that

why did you have to speak

it couldve stayed a secret

tell me

did you want me to thank you

im not that weak

tell me

what do you want me to do

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