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mohammedafnan I'm 15 DONT JUDGE WRITING WITH AGE
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Love that was snatched away from me.......

Heart love

By, Afnan

I never knew I would have to leave you like this.

I'm shattered.

Running from the truth so that I don't harm myself. I have nothing else to do.

My soul is deprived of me. My heart is burning.

I want you,

I want you,

I want you back!! Ahhhh!!

But how can I face you while I cannot even face myself. I don't like myself anymore. Its like someone has taken a part of me.

I don't know how I will meet up with you

But I will.

My conscience speaks of that. You are not far from me. You are with me! You are with me!

But now....

You are dead!!

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