For An Old Friend
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modogI'm new to this whole thing take it easy
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She will not see this but it's just a vent.

For An Old Friend

This is for you. You probably will not see this but that's ok. It's my own vent system for me. For my own sanity, so I can let go. The journey will still be hard but end the end I will be a better person than I once was.

I have thought about you both in my wake and in my dreams. We are friends in my dreams but when I wake I have a panic attack that you where there. I don't know what I did wrong to deserve what you are putting me through.

You left me for no reason. I am so scared of having friends now because of you. I am scared of having friends now because of you. I don't want them to leave like you did. I have tried to make friends but if I feel like I am getting too close to one I feel like a bother.

Thank you. You've changed me. For the better or worse.

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