End Of The School Year
End Of The School Year


modogI'm new to this whole thing take it easy
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Just my feelings about moving on and trying new things. It's really just a thought bubble of random emotions.

End Of The School Year

So the school year has ended. We all had out laughs, our cries, our difficult times, and our triumphant. Over all mine was pretty solid. I made new friends and lost a few. I stepped out of my shell and had a ton of personal growth.

Another highlight was that I got a boyfriend. He is really kind and so caring. I grew more confidence with my writing and I learned a new language.

I am worried about this summer and the next school year. I've been home schooled my whole life and next school year I am going to public school. I'm super stoked that I will meet new people and study things I've never studied before.

I'm worried because my boyfriend is home schooled also. He is super sad I'm going to public school next year. He thinks we will never see each other and that I will drift away from him.

But I'm making a promise right here, right now. I will do every thing in my power to text him every day and hang out with him as much as possible!

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