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No longer Can I be your girl

No longer

Can I be your girl

No more

But I want to be yours

But not anymore than I want you as mine

Why do I not feel it from you


Why am I always unsatisfied

With your romance?

You don’t display the affection that

I want and need?

Why am unhappy with how

We act as one?

I need you to not get so annoyed


I get annoyed with you for different reason than

You get annoyed with me

During the past few days

I have dissatisfied you

It’s very clear to me

I do things wrong

In your opinion

And when it’s clear

That I’ve upset you

For doing things different

Than how you would go about doing them,

I become annoyed,

More annoyed than you,

So fucking annoyed,

And hopeless,

And spacey

I think about how I can do so much fucking better

And then I think

How I couldn’t do so much fucking better

I ask why you do these things to me

And then ask

Why I do this shit to myself

I’m damaged

Not necessarily because of you

Many people and situations have contributed

To this emotional rollercoaster I involuntarily ride

First I think it’s never my fault

Then I think it’s all my fault

That I control my own feelings

But if the latter is true,

I’ll just say

I like control

But being in control

Is hard

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