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Please Know.
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modernmexicanCommunity member
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what's gonna happen the next time i see u?

Please Know. ______________________

P P r l e e t a t s y e


what's gonna happen

the next time i see u?

will you not know, do you want to know,

how i'll feel

the next time your striking face comes across mine?

the next time your piercing blue eyes lock with my sad ones?

ill tell you

ill let you in

i always will

my body will lock

ill be frozen

ill be so stiff

my heart will stop

my stomach will drop

my hands wont feel like theyre there--much as ill want to grab onto something

like your shaking, sweating palm.

ill be so scared

and so numb

and be so dead

that daunting second will feel like hours

so many hours

hours worth of memories

hours worth my time

because i dread the moment my body will be entirely locked,

as my eyes meet yours

but i dread more the thought of never meeting them again

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