The Hermit
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modernhermit a love story between a soul & its shadow
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short story about a chick who likes mountains and being by herself.

The Hermit

On a mountain of great height

So high that it's peaks reach the heavens.

Touching stardust and Sweeping galaxies.

This is where she resides.

The one who's knowledge spreads past the earth at her feet and air she breathes.

Isolation is her salvation.

Silence allows her to hear her thoughts.

To dance with her Devils then confront them.

It is here on the mountain where she questions the stars.

She questions their purpose as well as her own.

She seeks absolute truth and nothing less.

She seeks solitude because she knows interaction

taints her purest thoughts and destroys her highest ideals.

She does not wish to fix the world - it can do that itself.

But she does demand answers.

As a resident of the universe, she believes this is her right.

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