The Fish Without Wings.
The Fish Without Wings.
 sea stories

modernhermit a love story between a soul & its shadow
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A little fish goes out to sea but suddenly finds itself in a brand new world.

The Fish Without Wings.

And so I floated out to sea. But the sea was a sky! And the ocean I had dreamed of was filled with dry frigid air. I wondered,how I would survive? Could my scales surf clouds? Would my gills turn to wings?

Suddenly that great unknown, The deep darkness of the open sea... I had been so scared of.... And would have grown accustomed to... And accepted with all my heart... was a bright sunny landscape.

With clouds forming mountains that I hadn’t the slightest idea how to traverse. And the suns rays echoing to me for thousands of miles. From up here, I could see everything. For some reason, that clarity was the scariest thing of all.

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