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modernhermit a love story between a soul & its shadow
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Sometimes you need to give yourself advice.

Just a Reminder.

Sometimes the best person to give you advice...is you.

You are in control. Always. You are in control.

Look inside...look deep. It is within the depths of your suffering that you will find who you truly are.

The only currencies we truly have control over are energy and time. Use them wisely . Do not give them to those that are undeserving and wasteful.

It is your energy and actions that will reveal all, not your words.

Your relationship with yourself will dictate the way you treat others. Love yourself and loving others will come easy.

You do not have the authority to carry out the judgements of others. If someone has wronged you, it’s best to move forward. The universe will take care of the rest.

Give with heart and pure intention. Giving with expectation will always lead to disappointments and emptiness.

No one else can... Think your thoughts. Breathe with your lungs. Look with your eyes. Speak with your voice. Feel with your heart. So why let them keep your happiness?

This is just a reminder. That you are responsible for you. You have come alone. And you will leave alone. But before you go, Make peace with yourself. And you will never be lonely.

There is no greater friend then self.

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