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modernhermit a love story between a soul & its shadow
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Pride is resigned to it’s fate. It knows it’s destiny, and it’s taken mine.


“You’re not going to fight this.” Pride says. And I should know better than to argue. Pride is a stubborn creature. It clings to me, a ball and chain. Corroded iron digs into my wrists. The clang of each link reminds me of our unfortunate tether.

In a fit of rage, pride threw the key that could save us off the ledge. So we sit in uncomfortable silence, the tension building. A room with three walls. The only exit is a leap to the ether.

As time passes, a familiar pain creeps into me. The sensation of flames crackles around my rib cage. I can feel my heart hardening into stone.

I smash my hand against the door frame but it doesn’t give. Pride watches stoically as I unrelentingly bang my arms against the door. It’s smug gaze, unnervingly calm. Pride is resigned to its fate. It knows it’s destiny, And it has taken mine.

I stare at the ledge, my only escape. While I think about God, it’s wrath and my reckoning. Pride drags itself to its feet and I slink closer to the edge, contemplating the fall.

Hesitation overcomes me and I step backward. “Coward.” Pride sneers. It’s face contorts with irritation before pushing forward with a running start. Our weight sends us both tumbling into the abyss.

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