A conversation with death.
A conversation with death.

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modernhermit a love story between a soul & its shadow
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A discussion with an old friend.
In this context death isn’t literal, but a transformation of energy. When we hit low points, it’s the best time for change.

A conversation with death.

“Are you ready?” Said death. “For what? “I inquired. “To say goodbye to this place, it’s time! Your luck has expired!”

I fixed death down with a steely gaze. I had no intentions of letting it have its way.

“Luck favors the prepared and I’ve prepared for this. Your presence is not welcome here. I’m sorry death, but your arrow will have to miss.”

“My arrow never misses my dear, it always hits it mark. Just like love I always find a way, but you seem to have eluded me from the start. High and low I’ll search for you, you’ll always have my eye. I’ll leave you for now. But understand, you won’t always be able to fly.”

“Search high and low!” I crowed to death. And then, I spread my wings... For energy can never die, it only transforms into other things.

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