There's Nothing Better
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mockingjay A Wanna Be Professional Author
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There's nothing better than a good book.

There's Nothing Better

There's nothing better than a good book.

A good book is filled with things beyond imagination. But you need one who goes beyond the paper and ink.

The words formulated on the paper is nice, but it is only an a gate with fragile, ornate designs curling around the bars that form the words that you see.

If only you look beyond that gate, only then you will see what the author really built. They didn't just build that gate. They built an entire world just for people like you.

People like you who want another world. A world not like our own, where things happen. Where you are somebody making a big difference in a unique world filled with wonders of its own.

People like you who wants something new and different. They want to see and experience something they will never have in reality.

Once someone has entered the carefully crafted world of new and different lives, places and experiences. You can finally retrieve one of the many things you have so desperately wanted.

But in the end, we know it will never be enough. We know that we want to continue the journeys presented before us.

But luckily, there will always be a good book out there to fall into.

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