The Game of Minds Part 1
The Game of Minds

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mockingjayImagination Is Life
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The Game of Minds Part 1

Great minds are precious these dark days.

If it is great for intelligence or great of creativity

I am one of those Great Minds. I am one of the Intelligent Great Minds, but I so deeply wish I wasn't.

. . . Keira

I lay in my cell, on my hard bed with my back to the wall. I stared at the timer, slowly counting down the seconds.

The timer is beating so slowly, like its mocking me. But I continue to stare at it, waiting yet dreading for when it hits zero.

"BEEP" My cell door opened, and some officer came in. He set the food tray own on the floor.

"We will begin in 12 minutes"

I just stared at him, hating every inch of him.

He closed the door, and I eyed the food. I wanted to just gobble it up because I'm starving, but I mustn't appear weak.

After a while, I got up and picked up my tray. I settled back on my bed. A bottle of water, an apple and two slices of bread.

I ate the food quickly, wanting to be ready for when its time

The last seconds are ticking.


Five... Four...

Five... Four... Three...

Five... Four... Three... Two...


The concrete wall behind me fell apart and crumbled into pieces.

There was a bag on top of the rubble, and a vast desert beyond that. About fifty miles lays tall, metal walls with a small, narrow gap in the middle.

I ran and grabbed the bag, and opened it. Water, food, paper and pencils, a small shovel, a dagger, and a note.

'Hello. As you know, you are an Intelligent Great Mind. Since you are an IGM, you must go through certain tests to increase and become a better IGM to help the world to get us out of these Dark Days. You have two weeks. Good Luck. We hope you can join the other IGMs.'

I ran my fingers through my hair, trying to think of the best possible way to get to those metal walls. I will pass this test and join the IGMs.

Thanks for reading my story! I will add part two as soon as I can! By Mockingjay

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