The Birth Of Creativity
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mockingjayImagination Is Everything
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The Birth Of Creativity

"Grandma, tell me a story"

"What story?"

"The story about creativity"

The grandmother smiled at the small child. She picked her up and set her on her lap.

"Long ago, the Earth was created, and on this planet, humans were created

"Humans were a unique specie. They were very different than the other species that were created. They were very intelligent and on top of the food chain.

"But back then there was no creativity. No art, music, dance or writing.

"Every day was the same thing. Eat. Work. Sleep.

"Centuries after the same thing, a young woman had an idea that would change everything.

"Her idea was Creativity

"This young woman went to go travel and spread her idea. She visited six places.

"The first place she visited became Musicians

"The second place she visited became Writers

"The third place she visited became Dancers

"The fourth place became painters

"The fifth place became actors

"And the sixth place became the Engineers

"These six groups became known as the Creatives

"The rest of the humans, called the Normals, got scared. They were scared of difference.

"So, they locked up the Creatives. It was fine for the Normals at first, but later came the Dark Ages

"They were called the Dark Ages because there was no creativity

"Later, the Normals became desperate, so they let the Creatives out

"One again, the Creatives were free and the world became alive again. There was creativity and joy everywhere. This was called the Renaissance.

"Music was playing. People were dancing. Stories were created and told. Paintings were everywhere. Plays and musicals were held. Inventions were made. Indeed, this was a wonderful time.

"But, as time grew old, so did the Renaissance. So much creativity faded. Of course we still have them and treasure them, but creativity has become more rare. It just has become less plentiful and beautiful."

"Grandma will there ever be another wonderful time like the Renaissance?" "Maybe. That would be great , wouldn't it? For that to happen, we need more Creatives in this world. And you can be one. Anyone can"

Thanks for reading! And thank you for being a Creative and making amazing stories! Your creativity makes the world a better, more beautiful place. -Mockingjay

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