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mockingjayImagination Is Everything
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Game of Minds Part 2.5

. . . Linn

I looked out onto the halfway dead forest. Rebirth the forest?

I guess I better get started. I only have six months to revive a whole forest.

It was noon. I looked at my belongings again. Eggs? There were a few types of eggs. Why was I given eggs?

Then it hit me. There were no birds. No melodies. No nests. Nothing.

I searched a small area for twigs and edible plants. I came back to the building with my arms completely full.

I decided to stay at the building where I was held an hour ago. Only the one wall was down so it offered decent protection.

In the building I also made little nests for each egg.

I grabbed some paper and a pencil and started making a list of things I need to do.

- clear out rubble - hatch bird eggs - plant seeds - find a close water source - make paints - collect dead but sturdy wood - make a small shelter - make tools

I set off to find some fresh water. I headed a mile North, then South, then West. I finally found a source about half a mile East.

By the time I got back to the building, it was dark. I laid down and was quickly out.

The next morning, I ate some bread from my bag and got right to work.

I started moving the blocks of concrete to the edge of the building. I'll use them later for the irrigation system.

As I was moving a block, something came out and bit me. I dropped the concrete and I fell to the ground.

A snake slithered out from under the rubble. It was dark brown with a red line straight down its back. I've never seen a snake like it.

The bite was pretty bad. It was festering and swollen. The veins around it were standing out with a bright, sickly yellow color. I was reaching for my water bottle when I had a seizure.

The seizure lasted for about five minutes. By then all of the veins in the bitten leg.

I tried washing the wound the best I could but it did nothing.

I tried getting up but then immediately fell down from the pain. My leg was also beginning to become paralyzed. And the poison was spreading fast.

Thanks for reading! -Mockingjay

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