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mockingjayA Wanna Be Professional Author
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Game of Minds Part 1.5

. . . Linn

I am a Creative Great Mind, so boredom has never been a problem for me.

I just sat in my cell, thinking of stories. The officer has already came in and gave me my food, but I haven't picked it up yet because I was lost in my own world.

I finally snapped out of it and started eating. It was a very simple meal. An apple with bread and water.

It reminded me of home were my sister and I would pick apples in the grove and gave them to mother to make apple pie.

The timer showed only a minute and twenty seconds left.

My anxiety began to grow, waiting for the next test. My knuckles were white when I realized my nails were digging into my skin.

When I looked up, the clock was at its last seconds


Five... Four...

Five... Four... Three...

Five... Four... Three... Two...


The concrete wall crumbled into rubble. There was a black bag on top of the rubble. Beyond that was a dying forest.

I wandered around the building, but It was just the room I was in. The building that was connected to my cell was just... gone.

I decided I'd open my bag. I have some food, apples, paper, pencils, small shovel, seeds brushes, and some eggs. Oh! and a note!

'Hello. As you know, you are an Creative Great Mind. Since you are an CGM, you must go through certain tests to increase and become a better CGM to help the world to get us out of these Dark Days. You must reborn the forest and beautify it. Help it be beautiful an full of life. You have six months. Good Luck. Hope you can join the CGMs.

Hey! Thanks for reading my story. Sorry it is very similar to part 1. The other parts will be very different. I just wanted to do another point, this time as a CGM. -Mockingjay

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