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mockingjayImagination Is Life
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Game of Minds Part 2

. . . Keira

I was walking towards the metal walls. The ground was surprisingly soft ad fine, so I watched each step to make sure I wouldn't fall into quicksand.

There wasn't any plants, except for a few dead bushes and trees, which were just pieces of dry wood now.

Every once in a while I would see a rabbit or a coyote pass by.

The day was pretty uneventful. I was walking the whole day and got about four miles closer.

It was close to dusk, so I decided to settle for the night. I found a little hill and dug into the side using my small shovel.

I dug the hole into a cave like area, big enough to fit my body in and still have plenty of space.

I also grabbed some wood to support the roof of the hole. I placed a few to hold up the soft sand so it wouldn't collapse on me while I was asleep.

I was about to close my eyes until my stomach rumbled. I realized I haven't eaten since before the testing began.

I opened my bag and ate one of the apples I had. I wasn't given much food. This was not going to last long.

I quietly stepped outside and collected some sticks from the bushes. I grabbed my dagger and ripped one of the seams on the bottom hem of my shirt. I pulled the thread out f the seam to get a lengthy piece.

Using the thread and sticks, I quickly made a rabbit trap.

I crawled back into my hole and closed my eyes.

The next morning I woke up bright and early.

I crawled out and checked my trap. Thankfully, there was a rabbit caught. I put the rabbit in my bag and disassembled the trap.

I also took down my cave and let it collapse, just in case.

I started my journey again, walking towards the metal walls. As I walked, I tripped over a rock and fell right into quicksand.

I struggled, my mind panicked. My face was already submerged and I couldn't breathe. I was sinking quickly. The sand was crushing in on me.

Thanks for reading! -Mockingjay

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