My imaginary friend #1 Imagine [Y/N FF] [Yoongi FF] [WARNING!: If this scares you, you don't need too read this]
My imaginary friend #1 Imagine [Y/N FF] [Yoongi FF]

[WARNING!: If this scares you, 
 you don't need too read this]

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My imaginary friend #1 Imagine [Y/N FF] [Yoongi FF] [WARNING!: If this scares you, you don't need too read this]

[Ep 1, The beginning]

Y/N! your mom yelled Coming! You said dropping your toys, It's time too come inside baby Aww you said Can Yoongi come inside too mommy? Yes Yoongi can come too, You ran to your room and Opened your toy Box Here Yoongi He said. You got on the ground

and your dad came in, DADDY! You yelled as you hugged him, Cause he was on A business trip He said hey my lil angel what are you doing? I'm playing with Yoongi! You said happily

ahh Your dad said So about this Yoongi person? How is he like? your dad said Umm he is my height, he loves Toys and games and loves Sandwhichs haha You said That's nice honey, Well imma be off Bye bye princess

Wait! Daddy! You said stopping him Yes baby? He said Say Bye bye to Yoongi You said Bye bye Yoongi your dad said And he left, What's that Yoongi Your hungry? Yoongi Nodded yes

Mommy! You yelled She came in Yes baby? She said looking at U Yoongi's hungry You said and what does Yoongi like? She said He likes sandwhiches Mommy You said Sandwiches got it! She said


Mommy You ran in crying in your parents bedroom What's wrong baby Your dad said Yoongi's scaring me How baby? Your mom said He keeps on saying in my ear

"Goodnight Y/N~" He said So I said Yoongi I'm tired You said and then my Chair started rocking on it's own and I looked besides there was a Young Boy that had scares and his Eyes popped out and He had a Scary smile like the Type scary monsters has

and there was Blood all around him and His face was chewed up and he said Wanna play Hide and seek he clapped my l-l-l-lights went out! Mama dada He scared me Your mom said Baby it was just a dream go back to sleep she said half awake You went back too see Yoongi

Doing that scary smile and said Welcome back cause We're BFF's forever~ He said creepily You yelled YOONGI YOUR SCARING ME! He said am I My dad ran inside my room worried cause he heard me yell and Yoongi hid

What's wrong? Your dad said You stared at him like in a "Really?!" Face and he said sorry sorry and he put You in bed and said Goodnight baby Night Daddy you said shaking ~3:00 am~ HONEY GET Y/N NOW! Your dad said scared and has a Gun

Bye bye my lil Puppies!

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