Soul light// JHS Oneshot
Soul light// JHS


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mochiminmin she/her/bun - open for roleplays
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Legends say, if you meet your soulmate on your twenty first birthday, you glow a brilliant gold

Soul light// JHS Oneshot

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Legends say, if you meet your soulmate on your twenty first birthday, you glow a brilliant gold

Three hours and forty minutes. You practically bounced in excitement, constantly glancing at your best friend and nudging him "Y/n, babe, calm down for me." Marshall said and placed his hands on your shoulders, trying to keep me still.

"Marsh. My best friend I've known since seventh grade. My partner in crime. Light of my life. DO YOU KNOW WHERE WE ARE?!" You screeched as you shook him by his shoulders Marshall laughed and nodded "Yes, we are at a concert-" "NOT JUST ANY CONCERT BOY. A BTS CONCERT"

Marshall laughed, shaking his head affectionately "I know y/n. You've been practically busting at the seams in excitement the whole way here. You've talked non-stop about this for months, love. This is why I shouldn't have told you this was your birthday present" He said with a soft chuckle

With a light slap to his arm, you smiled "Well yeah, of course I'm gonna go on about how excited I am."

Suddenly the line started to move forwards, and you squealed, bouncing with every step as you walked into the arena, feeling a strong sense of security here. You walked over to where your tickets were at and giggled as the stadium filled up. The lights went dark and the whole stadium screamed as the boys appeared on stage, performing one of their hit songs, Fake Love.

Two hours and seven minutes. You'd officially been at the concert for over an hour, still screaming and cheering as they performed song after song, stopping a few times to interact with their ARMY.

Twenty three seconds. You glanced at your watch just to see the timer tick down to your birthday, smiling when it his zero, when a deafening scream filled your ears from the audience. You looked over at Marshall, your eyes wide in panic. The boys were dead silent, when one of the members spoke up, his honey voice filling the stadium

"Its you.." All eyes went to the member who said it, his bright smile displayed on the big screen. Jung Hoseok. His skin was glowing a brilliant gold, when you felt all eyes on you from every angle. You looked around, but then looked down at yourself to see your skin glowing the same gold

Hoseok jumped off the stage and you took off running towards him, everyone seemingly moving out of the way. Hoseok effortlessly vaulted himself over the barrier and caught you in his arms, letting you bury your face into his chest while he hugged you tightly, running his fingers through your hair

"I've waited so long for you, love... so long" He spoke softly, the words for only you to hear You looked up to see his dark eyes brimming with tears, you cupped his cheeks and wiped them away

"Im here now baby. Im here." You said softly and cupped his cheeks, wiping the tears away. Hoseok cupped your face and smiled. And he kissed you.

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