Safe with us~ Part 2
Safe with us~ Part 2 bts stories

mochiminmin she/her/bun - open for roleplays
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Safe with us~ Part 2

I decided to do a part 2!! It might suck though 😬

Hoseok´s POV

"My god they're so thin!" I thought.  It broke my heart to see hybrids being on the street, especially these sweethearts.  I opened the door and lead them inside.  Jeongguk followed me in, while the other two walked carefully.  

Jin was the first one down the stairs.  Then came Namjoon, and Yoongi walking sleepily down the stairs.  Jin squealed when he saw the three hybrids and ran over to them.  Jimin hid behind me, clutching on to my jacket,  Jeongguk holding my hand tighter, and Taehyung hiding behind Jeongguk

"Jin, calm down, you scared them." Jin stopped in his tracks and kneeled in front of them to make him seem less threatening. "Oh my goodness you guys are so cute!" He squealed.

Jimin peeked out from behind my back and carefully stepped from behind me.  Jin squealed again and made Jeongguks ears twitch.  Jimin walked over to Jin, and Jin reached out his hand to pet him.  Jimin deemed him as safe and leaned into him, Jin making an "aww" sound. 

Yoongi walked over and kissed the top of my head, and Taehyung leaned out to him,  cautiously sniffing at him.  He shrugged and lightly pressed his head against his palm and nuzzled against it.

aaaaaand thats all I got for part 2!! Sorry its so short!!

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