Safe with us~ Part 1
Safe with us~ Part 1 bts stories

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Safe with us~ Part 1

Bear with me I'm not the best at writing fanfictions, but you can criticise all you want Btw Jimin is a calico, Taehyung is a Samoyed, and Jeongguk is a Holland lop bunny :3

Jimins POV

I slumped further into the corner me, Taehyung, and Jeongguk is in.  Taehyung wrapped his arms around my waist while nuzzling into my neck and Jeongguk pushed himself further into me.  It was later in the night, where not many people are out.  In the distance, I could hear the faint sounds of police sirens and the sound of rain hitting the ground with a dull thud.

¨Minnie?¨ Taehyung looked up at me with tears shining in his eyes and his dog ears flopped down. I put one of my hands on his cheeks and wiped his tears off with my thumb.  I hummed to let him know I was listening

¨What´s gonna happen to us?¨ I looked away from him, only to see Jeongguk staring back at me with wide eyes, his bunny ears also down. ¨I-i don't know honestly...¨I mumbled.

That's when I heard someone talking.  They sounded close.  I stood up and crept over to the edge of the dark alley, where I could see out of it.  That's when I saw him.  It was a tall male, and quite a bit taller than me.  I motioned to Jeongguk and Taehyung to come over to where I was and look.  They walked over quietly, ears flattened. 

The man was about ten feet away.  I walked a little closer to the edge when my foot hit a trash can.  I yelped and slapped a hand over my mouth. " Huh? Whos there?¨ The strange man called out. ¨No one!!¨ Jeongguk replied, and Taehyung put a hand over his mouth.

The man walked over to where we were and turned on his phone flashlight, shining it at us. Jeongguk whimpered and held onto Tae´s hand.   The man crouched down and spoke in a soft voice. ¨Hi¨ He whispered

I crept closer to where he was and he stuck out his hand.  I pinned my ears back and hissed. ¨H-hey its ok, I'm not gonna hurt you,¨ He said quietly. He inhaled before continuing ¨ I'm Hoseok¨

I tiptoed closer to him and sniffed his hand.  Putting a little trust in him, I leaned my head into his open palm.  He gasped and moved his hand onto the top of my head, playing with my dirty pink hair.  I started purring subconsciously and leaned into him more.  Taehyung and Jeongguk walked forwards seeing that he was friendly and nuzzled into him.

He made a ¨aww¨ sound and started to pet Jeongguk, making his leg thump against the ground.  Taehyung pushed Jeongguk out of the way and nudged his hand. He pets Tae for a couple of seconds before stopping. ¨Hey!¨ Tae yelped, not wanting him to stop.

I hit Tae with my tail and he stopped whining. ¨How long have you guys been out here? You guys are soaked!¨ I hesitated before speaking.  ¨A couple of weeks I think¨ ¨Oh you poor things!!  If it's ok with you, I can take you guys in¨

Jeongguks head shot up ¨Youd be willing to do that?!¨ Hoseok chuckled ¨Of course!  Why wouldn't I?¨ ¨Because we were abandoned¨ I mumbled.

I'm guessing he heard that because he gasped.  Taehyung moved over to where I was at and hugged me, whimpering.  I wrapped my arms around him and tried to calm him. "C'mon let's get you inside" 

Hoseok stood up, brushing the dirt off of his jeans and Jeongguk instantly grabbed his hand.  I stood up, picking Taehyung up in the process.  He leads us out of the alleyway and a couple of blocks down from where we were at.  He lead us to a house and we stopped in front of the door.

He walked up to it and opened it, stepped inside, and motioned for us to follow him.  Jeongguk was the first one inside, Taehyung and I taking tentative steps forwards.

Alrighty~ That's all I have for now!! Maybe 50 likes for part 2?

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