Who Gave The Rose?
Who Gave The Rose? rose stories
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mochiboo2 Looking for constructive criticism
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Who Gave The Rose?

I have decided to create a guessing game with illustrations. I know it may sound boring but stay with me here! Each 'episide' will take multiple posts. I will give one rose to one of my alters to give to a different random alter. The fun part is: I will tell you who received the rose, and you have to guess who gave the rose to the alter using illustrated clues I will post.

*each 'episode' will be multiple posts including multiple clues. When I am done posting all of the clues for a single episode, I will check all comments to see if anyone guessed the correct alter and mention them in the final post for each episode. That may have been confusing, but if anyone has any questions just ask me in the comments or talk to me privately.

Now, go forth good people of the world, and enjoy you life! -Mochiboo2

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