Pickle jar. Alter story
Pickle jar. Alter story charlie alter stories

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Pickle jar. Alter story

"Damn pickle jar." Charlie cursed under his breathe. He had been trying to open it all day but couldn't. "Maybe someone else can do it for me." Charlie whispered. He set the glass jar down onto the marble counter. "Now we Wait." He stated. He moved out of the kitchen into the living area and hid behind a couch. He waited and hid there for awhile. "Maybe they arent up yet." He concluded.

But just as he was about to get up from his hiding spot, he heard footsteps coming down the hall. Charlie froze in place. "Hmm, ich haben hunger..." He heard someone say. He peeked over the couch to see Ruby holding the pickle jar. Ruby tried opening it but wasn't successful. She gave a sad expression and set the jar back down on the countertop. "Oh well" She stated as she left the kitchen.

"Damn!" Charlie whispered. He was about to get up when he heard more footsteps down the hall. He peeked over the couch again to see his brother Charley. Charley obviously just woke up, but was wearing his white undershirt and black bowler hat on top of his messy morning hair. "Food." He stated blankly. Charley grabbed the pickle jar and attempted to open it. He failed.

"Maybe Jorge can help out." Charley said as he set the pickle jar back on the maybe counter and left. "Fudge." Charlie said as the jar was set back on the counter. He sat up from his hiding spot and walked over to the pickle jar. "Jorge will have no mercy in opening you, you damn jar!" He cursed at the glass container. "Hey what is all the fuss about?" A voice said behind him.

Charlie turned around to see Jorge standing in the doorway to the kitchen. "I have been trying to open this stupid pickle jar since dawn." Charlie pouted. "So childish and weak." Jorge replied. Jorge grabbed the pickle jar from Charlie and opened it with ease. "Here ya go... Wait there arent even any pickles in the jar." Jorge said as he handed the empty jar back to Charlie.

"Yeah I know. I just wanted to open it so I can say I did it." Charlie said. "But I'm the one who opened it." Jorge stated. "Well duh, because I couldn't." Charlie said to Jorge. "But doesn't that defeat the whole purpose of opening it in the first place?" Jorge asked. "Well it's open NOW isn't it?" Charlie said with sass. Jorge stared at Charlie with a blank expression. Then he simply walked out of the room.

Charlie walked to the counter and set the jar down. "Well that was fun, wasn't it?" He said before walking out of the kitchen to start his 'usual' day.

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