First comic page is done!
First comic page is done! comic stories
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mochiboo2 Looking for constructive criticism
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My first page of 6 panels on chapter 1 of my comic

First comic page is done!

I have officially completed the first page of the first chapter of my first comic. *if you don't want spoilers for the storyline don't go to the next pages*

Panel 1 of page 1

Panel 2 of page 1

Panel 3 of page 1

Panel 4 of page 1

Panel 5 of page 1

Panel 6 of page 1

Wow. That short page of only 6 panels took hours... I feel like it shouldn't have taken so long. I tried though. Hope you liked it so far! I can't wait to continue to page 2 of chapter 1. -Mochiboo2

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