All my current alters
All my current alters art stories

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All my current alters

I made a post awhile ago about my alters and... It really needs to be updated. So here you go! Anyone who has questions about them can ask me. *btw the wings are a metaphor for finding your true purpose, every alter grows wings when they find their purpose and learns to fly when they fulfill it.

*bonus* read until the end for art of them all!

Jorge:28, first alter created, strong, has wings but can't fly bc they are burned to the bone (literally), has been married and divorced, currently in a relationship, favorite color is red. Has no biological children. Has one step daughter, pronouns are he/him.

Charlie: 26, second alter created, has big pink wings but can't fly very high yet, has been married and divorced, currently in a relationship, favorite color is bubblegum pink. Has one daughter, has one brother, pronouns are he/him for now.

Cherrie: 16, recently created, her dad calls her cherry even though her name is pronounced Sherry, has multicolored wings but doesnt know how to fly yet, favorite color is light pink, not in a relationship, has no record of her biological mother, pronouns are she/her.

Charles: 14, no wings yet, loves antiques, has an antique projector, has a crush, dresses fancy, always wears his lucky hat, Jorge gave him his lucky walking cane when he was little, pronouns are he/him, favorite color is dark blue, Anthony teases him.

Sammy: 23, has no wings, plays drums, wanted to be a DJ when he was little, has a sister, used to be female, pronouns are he/him only, in a relationship, has two kids, favorite color is light green.

Anxiety: 22, has temporary dark purple wings, anxious, pronouns are he/him, in a relationship, has two kids, favorite color is purple, has a habit of making other people around him anxious.

Anthony: 17, has no wings, recently created, in a relationship, favorite color is black, has a brother, is the taller and older brother, chill, pronouns are he/him.

Trevor: 16, no wings, recently created, has an older brother, is obnoxious, favorite color is yellow, copies his older brother's style, starts rumors and tells secrets, not in a relationship, pronouns are he/him.

Nameless: 21, black wings, cant fly for long periods of time, favorite color is neon blue, has a brother, is an aunt, not in a relationship, grumpy, pronouns are she/her.

Newbi: 16, no wings, favorite color is light blue, not in a relationship, happy, pronouns she/her, Dresses like a princess and often has tea parties with Little Ruby, Cherrie and -yes- Charlie.

Ruby: 23, pure white wings, flys extremely well, is a healer, favorite color is mint, addicted to coffee, had a biological daughter, is learning German, dresses like a doctor for some reason, pronouns are she/her, not in a relationship,

Little Ruby: doesnt have a permanent age yet (3-7), no wings, doesnt have a known biological mother, loves fairytales, cant pronounce certain words correctly, adorable, pronouns are she/her, favorite color is "all of them".

Midnight: 23, black wings, can fly very well, doesnt wear shoes indoors, in a relationship, has a son, got a new hair cut, favorite color is "midnight blue" -get it? Doesnt show her eyes, pronouns are she/her, loves spiders.

New Guy: 24, has temporary silver wings, cant fly very high yet, in a relationship, has a son, wears his lucky coat, loves poetry, wants to learn Italian or French, favorite color is beige, quiet, pronouns are he/him.

Moon: 17, recently created, temporary black and silver wings, cant fly yet, in a relationship, moody, wears his lucky boots everywhere, favorite color is blue grey, doesnt show his eyes, likes spiders, pronouns he/him.

Thats all of them! Now enjoy some art of them! ➡

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