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mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
Autoplay OFF   •   5 months ago
Trapped within ones mind is horrible.

This Box

This box is. . . Crushing Breaking Enveloping Shrinking Destroying Squishing

Body is bending. . . My heart hitting the floor My head touching the ceiling My knees penetrate the sides My arms scrape the corners My feet cramp beneath me My brain screams within

Mind is enfolding within. . . The box is two small The wood is now iron The grains are now nails The quiet is too numbing The air is plain heat The dark is so black

For the lonely is invasive. . . As if I were truly trapped As though the thought haunts As long as I think about it As still as my heart may beat As quiet as breathing is As still as I can sit

This box

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