That Someone
That Someone romance stories

mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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The someone I would want to have as mine. Lonely wanting.

That Someone

That someone. . . Who I can share an ear-bud with. Listening to the loud music I like. Who doesnt judge me when I sing.

That someone. . . Who I can stare at nonstop always. Looking at their face shape and eyes. Entranced by their gaze and mouth.

That someone. . . That I can talk to when alone awake. Not being able to sleep in the night. Smiling with every word they send.

That someone. . . I can cry on the shoulder of sadly. Hurting in my soul when i'm in a haze. Them consoling me with soft words.

That someone. . . I can love as a whole other half of. Paining when they are not right here. Wanting to feel them when close.

That someone. . .

That someone. . . Special.

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