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mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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Jimin wants his hair dyed a different color. And the group makes fun. (what else do friends do?) Lol

Stay (Episode One)

"Hey K?" I ask quietly, touching a hand to Kookie's left shoulder blade absentmindedly. He turns so he's facing me, moving 180° in the doorway to my kitchen, "what Jimin?" I bite my lip. "Wanna help dye my hair orange? Like, BRIGHT orange?"

Tae nearly chokes on his food, and Jin shakes his head with a small smile. "Orange, Jimin?" I nod my head. "Yes." Hoseok ruffles Yoongi's hair. Making the boy hit him. I wrap my arms around myself and Kook puts a hand on the side of my neck then my abdomen.

"Course I will J. When do you wanna?" He asks me nicely, Jin nearly laughing like mad. "Anytime you want, baby." I hear Joon mumble all cutsey to Yoongi. The boy pulls Yoongi to him and kisses the side of his head savagely, Yoongi shocked.

Kook shakes his head, walking with me to the bathroom to usher me in before I sit down. The dam of the tub is cold, and the white tiled floor is cold on my bare feet. Kookie shuts the door and rifles through the cabinet next to the tub finding dyes.

"Okay, so we got sunset orange, sherbet orange, neon orange, and orange orange." He holds up all four bottles, two in each hand. "Which one?" He asks with a wink. I point unsure to the sherbet orange. "That one?" I ask, getting a frown from Kookie.

"Is that a question Jimin?" He laughs, walking over to me and starting to apply the dye. The dye is cold on my scalp, but Kook's fingers send a heat wave right after the freeze. My body shudders and Kook shakes his head, spreading his fingers further into my hair.

"This dye job is gonna suck if you keep playing with me, K." I mumble incoherently. I've set my forehead on Kook's abdoman, my chest and head on fire from him. He smiles down at me and runs a finger from the nape of my neck up the center of my scalp.

A torch of fire to a frozen pond. I sit back and look up at him, my heart pummeling my sternum. "You're too good for me, K." I shake my head, his dyed thumb running a circle on my jaw. "You deserve all the good I can offer you, Jimin."

Thanks for reading!

"I didn't realize. . . that it was gum." - Jimin

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