Stay (Episode Three)
Stay (Episode Three) tae stories

mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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A steamy episode that gets interrupted by stupid inconvenience.

Stay (Episode Three)

"Kookie, you're crushing my lungs." I breathe, shoving him off me, to the floor with a thud. I look over the side of the couch at him, hair falling into my eyes, his teeth showing with shock. "You alright, K?" I ask him, petting his cheek with my index finger in long strokes.

He rolls his eyes, suddenly stern as his phone starts ringing, a song of mine blaring. "Heeey!" I laugh, reaching around to his back pocket under him, smiling sly. I tug it out from under him, and Filter by ME fills my ears, making me shake my head.

I hit the end call button and set it down on the floor next to Kookie's head. Lethargically in the Summer heat I edge my way off the couch, falling on top of him. He groans and winces, reaching down to move my knee from where it shouldn't be. "You suck."

I laugh lightly, leaning down and kissing him roughly, "your FACE maybe. That I suck hard." He picks up his phone and shoves my head onto his chest, texting over me quickly. "Joon, Yoongi, and Tae wanna come over. AGAIN." He groans, playing with my hair absently.

I whine and sit up slightly, rubbing my nose against his. "Do they have too, Kookie?" K looks like he's thinking, though I know he actually isn't one bit. I know him too well. He tosses the phone onto the coffee table we lay next to, expertly flipping us over.

"You're crushing me AGAIN, K!" I say with a laugh, wrapping my arms around his neck. He straddles my thighs and shakes his head. "Is it SO BAD Jimin? Like, REALLY?" I make the same thinking face as he did, "ummm, nope. Not really." I smirk.

I pull him tight against me, his collarbone flat against mine. My legs aching with blood loss. "My circulation is really bad because you're sitting on my legs, K." I laugh, kissing him. He rucks up the back of my shirt, moving closer up my legs so he's in my lap now.

I lean backwards and he uses the table side as a brace, keeping us from falling. "Circulation better?" He asks, nipping my lower lip with his teeth. Psychotic. "No." I smile, feeling positively evil at the moment, and feeling his hands on my spine. Shudder.

He draws his hands around my torso and shoulders, making me writhe with instant pleasure. "You're such a suck up." I breathe, clawing his back under his shirt, his back taught. I laugh as he tickles my side. Wriggling under him uncontrollably. "You have no idea, Jiminie."

Our kisses heaten, and he's halfway off with both our shirts now, pupils larger than moons. But. . . The door bangs open. . . And in walks Joon, Tae, Jin, Yoongi, and blasted Hoseok. "What the HECK guys?!" Yoongi yells, staring with a gaping mouth. I blush hard.

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Peace out ARMYs - Kay

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