Stay (Episode Nine)
Stay (Episode Nine) jikook stories
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Part nine guys! hope you like it. lol. (Btw, I heard BTS and TXT are really kind towards each-other. I'm only doing friendly competition. Nothing bad. Though it'll be more complicated with BTS and ATEEZ. JSYK.

Stay (Episode Nine)

"You've gotta be smooth." Kook says to Seonghwa while teaching him the dance. Jungkook gets into the groove and really puts all the pain and hurt into the moves. Perfectly. He dances and writhes with graceful ease, putting Seonghwa to shame.

The younger boy looks almost mad, trying once again. (Poor kid is jerky in his movements). I shake my head as J finishes while RM and Yoongi do a personal rap battle. "Look, you gotta move more fluidly, move with how you feel. Not against it." I say trying.

TXT enters the large dorm we all share, their faces secretly excited to be in BTS's midst. "What's going on here?" Yeongjun asks confused. Seonhwa falling into a chair. I jump up and nod to Jungkook, us automatically doing a synced dance in the middle of the room.

"They're teaching me how to dance like a supposed pro." Seonghw scoffs gently. I shake my head and Jungkook turns to the couch, pulling me down into his lap gently. He whispers in my ear. "They just don't understand how wonderful you are Jimin."

My face turns beat red and Seonghwa looks ready to barf. "Get a room will ya?" He asks with a reddening of his cheeks. obviously uncomfortable around us. "'We'll get a room alright." Kook laughs. "Later tonight of course."

Yeongjun looks ill and RM and Yoongi start making fun of us from their corner of the room. Hope and Tae rolls their eyes and make small hearts with their fingers towards us. Laughing they turn on one another, embracing like they're passionately making out.

"You guys are so mean." i laugh at them, taing a pillow from beside me and throwing it. Jin glides in front of it and throws it at Kai and Soobin. "Lighten up kids!" he chuckles. The two TXT members get startled and dive to the side veeringly. "hey." Soobin laughs.

Gyu looks startled by everyone as he's the last to enter the room. "Seonghwa, where's the other members of ATEEZ?" Seonghwa looks upset for a nanosecond. "They're flying out tomorrow night." The room erupts in epiphany-ized "ooooh"s. Making me smile at Kookie happily.

Being here with TXT and a member of ATEEZ is kinda fun. But what about sleeping? "Hey Jungkook?" I ask, turning so I look him full in the face confused by myself. He swishes hair from his eyes and cocks his head sideways. "Yes my Jiminie?"

"Where is everyone going to sleep?" I ask silently, looking as how there's everyone here. Kook frowns for a minute pondering this question. "Who cares where THEY sleep." "All I care about is you, and me, in the back room's bed." My face flushes hard.

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