Ours For Always
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mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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is it possible, to love someone, as much. . . as I love you?

Ours For Always

Two girls were once friends Speaking of crushes Laughing of jokes Jokes of being Bisexual That how funny it'd be if they were together

One girl was serious, the other started thinking on it Over time they grew closer One said she loved her The other simply melted, realization striking true

They are together In love if you will Speaking of pasts Speaking of futures Impossibly bonded, never having even met in person yet

They rant of family, also impossibly connected with the same problems They want to be free Though only time will tell they hope It is imperfectly perfect

And I would have it no other way Because it is ours For always <3

-- based on a true story-- (ours)

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