Forever Driving
Forever Driving tired stories

mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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Still, heading to Florida. Anyone who read my other post about Florida know I left today. This morning actually. Lol

Forever Driving

The ride is long.

Exciting at first.

Boring further on.

Sitting in my seat in the back of the van I grow tired.

My music sits up all the way. Attempting to get the notes to my brain through the pounding wind.

I yawn every so often as I stretch my legs outward over Mom's armrests.

I play my music list again and again. Trying to fall asleep to no avail.

Writing this now eases my boredom. That and the thought of tomorrow being the day I arrive in Florida finally.

I think of my phone that sits silent in my bag beside me in the dark. How its off to reserve battery before I get to the campground.

How my friends may have texted or not.

I think of how much longer the driving will be.

How much longer I lay awake.

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