Dark Heart [Prologue] ( a collab with Allie)
Dark Heart [Prologue]

( a collab with Allie)
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mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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A prologue. I figured you guys can have a taste of what my thoughts are. (Also a collaborative with @animevampire05) AND, very important, I want at least ten likes before I continue

Dark Heart [Prologue] ( a collab with Allie)

When someone says, "I hope you live a long and fruitful life", they mean as a human. A decaying bag of flesh. A person who has a job, cares for a family, has a lover or spouse even. Kids that ruin their lives. Though like me, you have none of those things. For I have lived a long life indeed. But not at all fruitful as expected.

Well I am going to be frank with you, human who's reading this, I am a monster. A vampire. You think I'm crazy, don't you. I am being one-hundred percent serious you mortal. You think you're so smart?? Try living for forever! That's right, I've lived for exactly 200 years. If you're talking about human years though, I look like I'm twenty.

Anyway, let me see. . . my past has been rough. Now the world is changed, and everything is all so different from back then. Though as the world changed, so did I. Now I'm pretty much your average young-adult who prowls around in the clubs. Instead of a good time though, I prowl for blood. Never ceasing in my Hunt. The thirst for mortal blood on my tongue.

And one night while Hunting, my life was changed. All because of a stupid human. A very stupid human. So I guess that's where my story begins, on October 30th at the last strike of midnight. When I met this stupid mortal. Quitt.

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