Dark Heart [Chapter 7] (A collab with Allie)
Dark Heart [Chapter 7]

(A collab with Allie) vampire stories

mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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Part 7!!

Dark Heart [Chapter 7] (A collab with Allie)

I lean against the wall he stands beside, lighting a cigarette that burns between his teeth. The smell burning my nostrils. Sweeping hair behind my ear, I hiss at him. "What the heck!?" He yells, dropping his lighter into a puddle at his feet. I do a mock pout, feeling nausea writhe in my stomach.

"You upset to see me? I thought you liked me." I frown, plucking the cigarette from his lips with a thumb and forefinger. I flick it to the side and fold my hands behind my back, moving in front of him, his eyes greedy as all men's are. He smiles, enchanted by my unworldly charm and beauty. "I'd never be upset to see you, baby."

I smile with a knowing mind, him absolutely oblivious to my inner most intentions on this night. "Good." I say with a batted lash, jamming my slender finger into his chest and shoving him backwards. His hands automatically go to my hips, but as his lips attempt to find mine, I turn my head in a playing manner.

His contact with me makes me wanna strangle him, but I hold in the anger boiling in my gut at the moment. I set my head on his shoulder as he pulls me against him, where he leans against the wall. On instinct I set my mouth against his neck, glancing his skin with my fangs. He thinks I'm being cute. I'm actually being deadly.

Before he can make any other move on me, I dig my fingers into his shoulders, and sink my teeth in, my grip too tight. With each pull of blood I take from his body, the weaker he becomes in my hands. Until he faints. As he drops to the ground drained and pale, I step over his corpse and wipe a stray drip of blood from my mouth.

Oh how I do so love late night adventures of Hunting. Isn't it marvelous? I smile wickedly, glancing around absently before slipping from around the back of the building and heading towards the street. My mind is on the sour taste of blood on my tongue, but my best is on where I will go next.

It's yet again another beautiful night in New York City, and I have absolutely nowhere to go that's fun. I've been two five clubs in the past week, and being the week of Valentine's day almost everywhere is closed now. I sigh and look at the pavement, feeling the moons presence. It's white face hidden by smudgy cloudse above my head.

The air hear is stifling, and the moon and stars are always hidden. Blocked out by pollution and gases. I remember the days when cars were once horses, and skyscrapers were once cottages. Clubs once saloons. But now it's all gone. Replaced by modern day materials and buildings.

I continue walking in silence, absolutely consumed by my past, when I run head-on into somebody. My body is jolted backwards and I nearly fall, if an arm doesn't catch me around the waist first. Long fingers circle my back and pull me upright, an arm circling my waist supportively.

"In quite a hurry are we?" The person asks, my blue eyes blazing with wonder and awe. For Quitt stands holding me to him, my hands splayed across his button-downed chest surprised. My straight brows fixed in worry. "Um. . ." Is all that I muster. I am stupid.

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