Dark Heart [Chapter 5] (a collab with Allie)
Dark Heart [Chapter 5]

(a collab with Allie) vampire stories
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mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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Hello. Chapter 5 vampire lovers.

Dark Heart [Chapter 5] (a collab with Allie)

The dark is stifling, at least if I were a mortal that is. Though I'm no human. The image of Quitt in the car uncomfortable makes my heart clench involuntarily. Infesting. "What the HECK!" I scream, slamming the door to my home closed behind me. I almost drained him. If only I had invited him inside.

Theres absolutely no light in my apartment, just black. A void of a practically empty room, gaping at me as I enter. All except for the one couch in the middle of the living-room. A burning candle dripping wax onto my wood floor beside it. I shed my heels, my arches absolutely painful. The cold floor easing some tension from them.

I dont eat. I never sleep unless its day. And I hardly have any friends. Theres no vampires anymore. I cringe at the memory of my mother, a wooden stake protruding from her chest, garlic replacing her eyes. It was a warning from the humans. To them a joke. Murdering my mother that way.

It was no more a joke to me, than the thought of draining Quitt because i have the yearning feeling to do so. I place a pale wrist to my forehead and stride to the couch, draping my body across it with graceful ease. Next time, next time I see Quitt I'll do it. I'll drain him, and then I'll stop feeling. Feeling these raging emotions inside me.

The only way to do so though, is to seduce him? Maybe become very close? Will it turn me against myself? I don't know anymore! My father had taught me to be resilient against human emotions. At all costs don't feel. But now this, MORTAL, shows up. And I can't even be myself the right way. What do I do now.

I'll do it. I'll just get it over with, and drain him the way I'm supposed to. I'm a vampire after all.

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