Dark Heart [Chapter 3] (a collab with Allie)
Dark Heart [Chapter 3]

(a collab with Allie) vampires stories

mochi_jiminie Oh how easy it had seemed. . . it's not
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Chapter 3. I couldn't wait. Lol

Dark Heart [Chapter 3] (a collab with Allie)

I smile at Quitt almost unsure of how to feel, the smell of his skin reaching my enhanced sense of smell. Spices. As if amused I shift my weight and glance past him at the once advancing man, his shirt soaked where Quitt dumped my drink. "You spilt my drink." I say with a sly grin, licking my teeth in a hungry manner. His neck is just . . . so. . . EXPOSED.

Quitt laughs at me, shaking his head. "I don't like guys who take advantage of girls. It's disrespectful." I narrow my eyes at him, him narrowing his green ones right back at me like two daggers of pure light. "So is spilling a girl's drink." I smile, turning around and walking towards the doors out. Nausea gripping me.

I could use this as an advantage. Right? He's gonna follow me anyways, knowing typical human men. As if on cue, Quitt follows me from the club, hailing a taxi before I can do so myself. I mumble under my breath. Quitt looks surprised at me as a taxi pulls up near the curb and parks. "Woah. . . pretty girls like you say that stuff?"

I roll my eyes. "I'm not typical like you. . . And I'm not that pretty frankly." I say matter-of-factually. Quitt looks aplled as I push past him and slide into the taxi, telling the driver where to go. And the stupid human follows! "What's up, man?" I ask him, running my long fingers through my long hair, gazing at him oddly.

He shrugs and shuts the door to the car, shaking his head. "I actually live in the same apartment building as you." I roll my eyes. "how do you even know that?" My blood is starting to boil. And seeing the muscles tense in his neck. . . I shake my head, gazing out the window as the driver heads towards OUR building. Of COURSE he lives where I do.

Quitt shrugs again, laying back casually as if he couldn't care less. Almost kind of cute like that. Super chill and all. "You told the driver." He says pointedly, motioning towards the front of the cab, amusement heating me. I set my head on my hand, staring out my window at the passing lights and cars. Course I told him. I'm just as ignorant.

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